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J-List Has Opened Pre-Orders for Momo Nekoyanagi 1/6 Figure

SkyTube has brought Kurehito Misaki’s character, Momo Nekoyanagi, to life in a 1/6 scale figure, now available for pre-order from J-List.

We’ve got something exceptionally lewd today for you figurine lovers. Originally drawn as the cover girl for Comic Aun No.5, 2016 by Kurehito Misaki, SkyTube has brought this adorable maid into the realm of 3D, with a 1/6 scale figure of Momo Nekoyanagi.

Momo Nekoyanagi is one of Kurehito Misaki’s original characters and was recently displayed during Wonder Festival 2017. This adorable maid with cat ears has just one thing on her mind. Fortunately, she comes with the necessary accessories to please her. If the included dildo isn’t enough, she also comes with semen stickies that can be displayed on her as you please. If you feel that less is more, then you’ll be happy to hear that her bra and panties are completely removable. She sits at roughly 142mm in height.


The deliciously sexy Momo Nekoyanagi, an original character illustrated by famous hentai artist Misaki Kurehito. This 1/6 scale figure of Momo has her in a cute neko mimi maid costume, and on her back with legs spread open for you. She also comes with extra accessories so you can show her with a dildo or covered in semen or with no top and panties or all at the same time! A super sexy figure that is definitely NSFW. By Sky Tube.

The Momo Nekoyanagi figure is scheduled to release in April 2018. You can pre-order her now from J-List for $170, plus you’ll get an extra 10% off for your early purchase.

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