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Liquid’s dark fantasy eroge, Kuroinu Chapter 2, is now available on MangaGamer.

Just a few weeks ago, MangaGamer began accepting pre-orders for Kuroinu Chapter 2, the sequel to the dark fantasy about a country where women were legally forced to service the sexual needs of all men. The full article can be found here. Today, this erotic title is available for purchase in full, uncensored glory.

Kuroinu Chapter 2 is, as MangaGamer puts it, “One of the most requested adult titles…” The story begins after a mercenary named Vult defeats the dark elves and decides to use the territory to form his own country or “Cuntry.” In his new land, men, mercenaries, and monsters are fully entitled to pillage, plunder, and violate the beautiful women. The second chapter focuses on Vult, as he turns his attentions on three leaders of factions who opposed him. He betrays the faction leaders and is determined to bring them under his control, breaking the leaders into their new way of life.

Article 1 of the “Cuntry” constitution:

The women of this country will gladly use their bodies to diligently serve all men and their respective desires.

Dark elves, high elves, haflings, humans!

Princess knights, female mercenaries, holy knights, queens, princesses, goddesses, priestesses!

Rail and assault the various pitiable, cute heroines as much as you please.

Vult’s rule and domination continues here in the second chapter, with all new princesses!

Kuroinu Chapter 2 is available on MangaGamer for $24.95. It runs on all modern versions of Windows.

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