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Proxxie Is Creating The Proteus Effect

Independent developer Proxxie is developing The Proteus Effect, an erotic turn-based RPG where you’re stuck inside a VR fantasy game.

The Proteus Effect is an erotic turn-based RPG made in RPG Maker. It focuses on our protagonist, a total loser who is almost flat-broke and desperate for a job. His job search eventually leads him to a video game company working on a virtual reality game that happens to be in need of a play tester. After our protagonist decides this job would be preferable to starvation, he finds himself trapped in-game, stuck in the body of a simple farm girl instead of the mighty, masculine hero he was suppose to be. After running some tests it is revealed that the company can’t pull him out from the game. Just before a glitched miniboss attacks you, one of the developers of the game known as Ana, jumps in to save you. Together the two of you search for a way to escape from the game — and so begins your journey together.

For the most part, The Proteus Effect is a fairly standard RPG Maker game. You run around on a top-down grid talking to NPCs and fighting typical fantasy monsters: including rats, spiders, and orcs. Ana will pump out most of your teams damage while the protagonist uses healing spells to keep the two alive. When it comes to The Proteus Effect’s lewd and erotic content, Proxxie has created several 3D renders which are primarily used to showcase the lascivious side of the game that RPG Maker sprite work can have trouble with. While the game is extremely story heavy, it’s very easy to get into and you shouldn’t be surprised if you spend most of your time in-game reading text.

The Proteus Effect is currently in early alpha. If you are interested in the game, it can be downloaded for free on Patreon where you can also support Proxxie if you feel inclined.

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