If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Independent developer Salty has released the first chapter of his transformation focused erotic game Pandemonium: The Adventure.

Salty and his team have been working on Pandemonium: The Adventure since as early as March 2017. The previous two iterations of the game, then known as House of Pandemonium, Classic and Corrupter mode were developed and completed in 2016. The about page on the team’s development blog explains the title’s rather complicated history and inception.

In 2014, a person by the name of Passalel made a game. It was called House of Pandemonium, and it was pretty fun.

It was built in Inform, and clunky as all get-out. Due to the language limitations, it had bugs, ran slowly, and was a chore. The gameplay, however, was fun, and there was lots of content.

Then, development went dark. Nothing was heard for a long time. This was actually because Passalel had suffered a major hard drive failure, and lost all of the files used to make the game’s graphics.

So then I (Salty) said to myself, “I bet you can make this game again in a new engine, remove all the problems, and improve the experience with new features and a more robust scripting system.”

Pandemonium: The Adventure stars six main characters, all with their own separate chapters, getting transported to another world called Pandemonium. In it, the protagonists encounter a lot of monster girls that are more than eager to boost their ranks by having the party of six join them, be it willingly or otherwise. The first full release of chapter 1 of the game has the player guide Mei, a waitress from Hong Kong, as she finds herself imprisoned by a mysterious and wacky cult back to freedom and her home.

The gameplay of Pandemonium: The Adventure is that of a turn-based RPG made in a homebrew engine. The player navigates the world from a top-down perspective and is able to see enemies before engaging them in combat. As all adversaries have visible cones of vision, taking a stealthy approach is a viable way of getting through the game. For those that enjoy a little roughhousing, however, sneaking up on unsuspected enemies provides initiative and experience bonuses in combat. The game has no mana point system, instead going for tactical cooldowns on special abilities and skills. One of the main gimmicks of the game is the ability to learn new abilities (both active and passive) from hidden books as well as various transformations. Pandemonium: The Adventure also puts a heavy emphasis on exploration and finding useful items in a large, sprawling world.

The game’s sexual content is bountiful in bodily transformations going in tandem with the various forms the player’s character can take during the gameplay. Players can expect anything from corruption, possession, BDSM, dub-con, yuri, mind control to even the likes of plant and eldritch monsters, to name just a few.

Be sure to take a look at a few sample screenshots from the game below.

You can now download the first chapter of Pandemonium: The Adventure for PC and Mac from the game’s official development blog here. As Pandemonium: The Adventure and House of Pandemonium have been made in the same engine, the game modes for the latter have also been included in the download and can be accessed from the game’s main menu.

A discussion thread about the game is also hosted on the TFGamesSite.com forums.

If you would like to support Salty in his game development endeavors, you can consider donating to his Patreon account found here.

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