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Push Publications is Crowdfunding When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip

Push Publication is looking to add a special doujin to their adult light novel series, When Days Rewind, with When Days Rewind Special: Senji’s School Trip.

Push Publication, responsible for the previously successful, When Days Rewind Kickstarter projects, is back at it again. This time, they are attempting to crowdfund a brand new addition to their adult light novel series. Their latest project, titled When Days Rewind Special: Senji’s School Trip, is a 16-page doujin focusing on the popular Senji Kanda. It will be fully uncensored and illustrated by Magukappu. Interestingly, this entry in the series does not feature NTR, a common theme in the previous series entries.


Senji Kanda takes her class, along with Sachi Yuzuka and Yurika Koike to an overseas school trip in Los Angeles, USA. Trouble begins when she noticed a group of gangsters in the area who grow interested in Sachi and Yurika. It’s not long before she finds out their plan. Knowing that it’s her responsibility, how far is Senji willing to go to save her beloved students?

There are a lot of lewd rewards for supporters of this project. First and foremost, backers can look forward to physical or digital copies of When Days Rewind Special: Senji’s School Trip. those who donate more can get their name on the special thank you page, a wall scroll featuring the cover image, and even a poster featuring the swimsuit gangbang scene. All artwork for rewards will be 100% uncensored.

Senji Swimsuit Orgy Poster

If funding is successful, Push Publication has some additional goals they’d like to achieve. At $10,000, they will add an additional 6 pages to the doujin, and at $15,000, they will try to get a booth at Anime Expo 2018.

The project will end on December 10th and is scheduled to ship later that month. You can visit the Kickstarter page to find out more about When Days Rewind Special: Senji’s School Trip and Push Publications.

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