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Aquaplus has revealed an upcoming remake of the original Utawarerumono game, aimed at the PS4 and PSVita.

Utawarerumono is a successful trilogy of visual novels with tactics combat gameplay segments. The title translates as “The one of whom songs are sung,” or “The one being sung.” The first game has seen many incarnations during its lifespan. Originally released to PC in 2002, the game was later remade for PS2 and PSP.

Through the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Aquaplus has revealed that a remake of the game for the modern generation of consoles is going to premiere in Japan on April 26, 2018. The new version, retitled as “Utawarerumono: Chiriyuku Mono e no Komoriuta” will be available for both PS4 and PSVita. Changes announced so far include: graphical enhancements of every scene, high-resolution rendition of the opening movie, a Special Extended Mode with enhanced music, and a fully three-dimensional battle system. The game’s opening will feature a rearranged and re-recorded version of “Kimi Dake no Tabiji” known from the PS2 release, as opposed to the PC opening.

Utawarerumono: Chiriyuku Mono e no Komoriuta will be available in four different editions:

The Standard Edition will contain only the game, and cost ¥6,800.

The Premium Edition for ¥9,800 contains an anime Blu-ray titled “Splendid Days of the Tuskuru Imperial Princess” connecting the storylines of the first and second game by showcasing the early years of Kuon, the second game’s female protagonist.

The ¥12,000 Trilogy Box, which will include the remake and both sequels.

Finally, the Aquaplus Limited Box is a special collector’s deal at ¥29,800. It features the contents of the premium edition as well as; a special fan, made by a renowned shop in Kyoto; a hand-signed autograph card from Ryuoka Yuzuki, the voice actor of Eruruu; B2 tapestries; a plush key holder in the shape of Mukkuru; an original teacup; and a specially made hand towel.

As far as we know, this remake will not feature any erotic scenes from the original PC release — in a similar fashion to the PS2 and PSP versions. First screenshots of the game have been showcased by Famitsu, allowing us to compare the quality of the original CGs (seen below on the left) with the new release (on the right), as well as giving us the first peak into the now fully 3D combat more like with later games in the series.

Image Credits: Famitsu.com

We would like to thank Gematsu for translating the information.

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