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J-List Opens Pre-orders for The Seven Deadly Sins – Mammon Figurine

J-List has opened pre-orders for the ⅙ scale Seven Deadly Sins – Mammon Figure, based off the design of Takuya Inouse.

Today in the world of figures, we bring you another one of the luscious ladies from The Seven Deadly Sins, a ⅙ scale rendition of Mammon. This isn’t the first figure from Orchid Seed we’ve covered. This company is one of the best when it comes to making erotic figures, many which we have covered in the past. Two of those figures were also from The Seven Deadly Sins line up.

This latest version of Mammon is based off of work by artist Takuya Inouse. His rendition of the already busty beauty features her with a set of even more bountiful breasts. She’s also wearing some cute wire framed glasses to give her a hint of innocence in her not so innocent attire. While her bikini doesn’t cover much of her curvy figure, her top pops off revealing even more. She sits 21cm (8.3in) high in her kneeling position.


This item ships via EMS Express only – Thank you for your understanding

Top sexy figure maker Orchid Seed presents their latest line in the Seven Deadly Sins series of bishoujo figures. This figure, Mammon, represents the sin of Greed. It features a voluptuous fallen angel in super hot bikini. This sexy figure comes with cast-off functionality, so you can get an up-close and personal look at her enormous breasts. An incredible addition to your sexy figure collection.

This sultry personification of sin is scheduled to release in July 2018. You can pre-order her now from J-List and get an additional 10% off the $195 asking price. You can also check out more from Orchid Seed’s super sexy line up.

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