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Alibi has released the English language version of their strategy eroge, Little Red Riding Hood X Snow White, on the English version of DLsite.

Independent Japanese game developer Alibi has released the English version of their strategy erotic game Little Red Riding Hood X Snow White on English DLsite. Set in a world of fantasy where fictional fairy tale realms intersect, Snow White, the game’s protagonist, gets banished from her own kingdom for committing incest with her father. The Queen sends her troops after her in order to end her life, but Snow White decides she will fight back and do everything she can to survive. This includes even becoming a prostitute to earn more followers for her cause. Eventually, Snow White’s story will include a red-riding-hood-wearing girl named Susan, a very popular and cheap lady of the night, and her friend, the Wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood X Snow White is a simple turn-based strategy game about controlling territory and building up a small army of followers using both money, influence through charismatic acts or prostitution or luck. The game is split into chapters, wherein the player must conquer new nodes of land that will help him generate gold, later used to buy more followers for Snow White and Susan. Within a limited amount of turns, the player must decide whether to keep building a stronger unit of fighters, finances, and items, while maintaining their lands. or to conquer territories occupied by the enemy. Both the main characters and the recruits you acquire for your ragtag army have special active abilities you can use by spending SP, which regenerates as turns pass, and passives skills that can aid you in battle, recruitment and the taking over of land.

Each female party member has the ability to seduce new followers into your army using her body. Each and every new girl joining Snow White’s or Susan’s cause has her own personalized sex CG, which can be later viewed in a gallery from the main menu after unlocking.

Check out a few sample screenshots from the game’s demo version below.

The PC version of Little Red Riding Hood X Snow White can now be purchased on the English version of DLsite for $9.45. The developer has also made a short 2-stage demo available for free.

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