If you build it, they will cum

Independent developer Innoxia is developing Lilith’s Throne, a turn-based, erotic roleplaying text game currently in early alpha.

Lilith’s Throne appears to take heavy inspiration from games like Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space. Independent developer Innoxia aspires to create an erotic game with lots of customization and sex. Despite still being in early alpha phase, the game has a lot to offer as is. Lilith’s Throne’s environment is heavy with demons and furries, with a turn-based sex system on top of the combat system.

The combat system in Lilith’s Throne is fairly straightforward. You have health, willpower, and stamina and if you run out of any of them you lose the fight. Health is fairly straightforward, while willpower is used for casting spells and stamina is used for special attacks and teases. You can also lose willpower through other characters teasing you in combat. You use spells based on what weapons you have, with there being an off-hand and main-hand slot. These weapons also influence the damage type that your basic attacks will inflict.

In Lilith’s Throne, the character can select from a cornucopia of options with whatever genitals (including both or neither) or body type you want. If you have a problem with the phrases or pronouns used to describe your character, they can be changed through the in-game options menu. This wonderful menu allows you alter other aspects of the game, such as just how furry random characters will be. You can also change the likelihood of men/women or traps and futanari appearing, or if they can spawn with facial, pubic, armpit, or anal hair. You also get to fully customize what your character is wearing as well, with various female, male, and unisex clothing options being present, each with different stats. There are also sets that give you bonuses if you wear all of the clothing belonging to them. Sadly, the sets currently favor female tastes very heavily.

A key part of Lilith’s Throne is a fairly unique turn-based sex style. The typical go-to for sex scenes in most games is to give the player a few options, of which a single chosen one will generate the text for that entire sexual encounter. Lilith’s Throne allows you to input actions during each turn of sex, allowing you to fuck the way you want, every time you want to. Innoxia is currently working on making these sex encounters more detailed and thorough, so don’t fret if things seem a bit simple at present.

Innoxia is working on the game entirely by themselves through Patreon support. Many areas of the game remain unfinished and will simply give you an estimation of what patch they will be released on. The developer blog gives frequent updates about what they are working on and when the new release should be out.

You can currently download the early alpha for Lilith’s Throne at the developer’s blog here. If you would like to support the production of Lilith’s Throne, you can donate to the developer’s Patreon as well.

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