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Doxy Games is asking for $6,000 to fund their mystery eroge, Sweet Dream Succubus, on Indiegogo. The title is a collaboration with popular model and cosplayer, Swimsuit Succubus.

Sweet Dream Succubus is an interactive visual novel where the player has to survive three days of sexual torment and teasing from a succubus. During these three days, you are to find clues to break the spell she has cast on you. Failing to do so results in repeating the days until you escape the endless loop. Will you uncover the reason behind the succubus’ actions, or submit to her advances?

The titular succubus uses the likeness of popular fetish model and cosplayer, Swimsuit Succubus. She and Doxy Games are collaborating to create Sweet Dream Succubus.

The main reason for the fundraiser is to gauge fan interest for the game, but the funding for the project will help them create the final script with choices, game assets, sound, and music. A lot of the core elements of the game have been created before the campaign started, but there is still more to be done.

Here is what we have so far: 1. Completed outline and gameplay documentation. 2. First pass of the story which can be played for testing purposes. 3. Assets in a playable but incomplete version of the game.

What we don’t have. 1. A final script draft. This includes all choices players can make and the final three days and events from that day. 2. All assets completed and integrated into the game. 3. Sound and Music

Doxy Games plans to release Sweet Dream Succubus for free and provide bonus content for the backers, such as real-time dev access to the game, development assets, keychains, and dakimakuras. $6,000 will be needed to create the base game, but if they exceed that amount, more features will be added. At $17,600, they will add voice acting and custom music, and at $28,500, they will create puppet animation and effects for the game.

You can help fund Sweet Dream Succubus and find more information about the game by going to Doxy Games’ Indiegogo page.

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