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Winged Cloud brings us some Halloween-themed yuri goodness with Sakura Halloween, and it’s totally free.

Halloween is just around the corner. Every year at this time, the online art community floods the internet with Halloween-themed renditions of various characters from different fandoms. Also during this time of the year, we get other treats to commemorate the occasion. Winged Cloud is also known to participate in this tradition, like when they released the pro bono title, Sakura Christmas Party.  They have decided to do so this year with the free release of their erotic visual novel, Sakura Halloween.

Sakura Halloween is a short and sweet yuri title about a vampire named Miyu de Lioncourt. She’s a bit perturbed, as she was not invited to a Halloween party being held by the prestigious Countess Elizabeth. She decides to crash said party, only to run into her ex-girlfriend, a witch named Sabrina. Sabrina is less-than-enthusiastic to see her former lover, especially after she’s embarrassed by her yet again. The witch has finally had enough and vows to get revenge — lewd revenge.

You can download Sakura Halloween for free, through an upload Winged Cloud has provided on this website. There are no strings attached, but sometimes these free titles get taken down, so you might want to get it while it’s still available. This title appears to be exclusively for Windows platforms.

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