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Video Hosting Website Forced to Transfer Servers moves to a new server due to the original host’s disapproval of the site’s content.

Originally known as Trollvids, is a video-sharing website centered around animated works. The site has two separate parts, one dedicated to general content and another, named “ecchi”, but actually filled with erotic user-made animations. The site has been mostly known for being a treasure trove of pornography made in Miku Miku Dance, a free software for 3D animation known for ease of use.

Recently, became inaccessible. Right now, visiting the site presents a maintenance note informing of an ongoing migration process. This is due to their original host pulling the plug with supposedly no announcement. The official reason for closure was later shared by Iwara on their Twitter account. The undisclosed hosting company has decided that some content found on is not acceptable. This has been a rather surprising change of heart, as the website’s content hasn’t gone through any significant changes in recent days.

While the exact reasons have not been provided, it seems that the unsuitable content featured lolicon. The website is currently moving over to a different hosting service.

While efforts are being made to save all of the data, everything uploaded within 14 hours before the site was closed might be lost. has also announced on Twitter that any future loli content uploaded onto the website has to be kept in an unrealistic, anime aesthetic. Any hyper-realistic loli content will be unwelcome, as per agreement with the new server provider. An example of 3D modeling too real for porn has also been provided:

There is no set date for when will become accessible again. Once the move is complete, the website should work from under its original address. Do note that Iwara is currently a free project mainly financed through their Patreon until a sufficient monetization method can be implemented.

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