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Nutaku adds Kunoichi Rush and Sakura Gamer to their catalog of downloadable games.

Nutaku has some new downloadable game releases available this week. SuperHippo and Winged Cloud each have a new game on the store for your lewd gaming pleasure. First, we have SuperHippo’s action platformer Kunoichi Rush. This title is your classic ninja revenge story with a heavy adult twist. It’s got monster girls, futanari, yuri, and good old fashioned straight sex.

About Kunoichi Rush

Kunoichi Rush takes place in the world of Zaar. The game begins after the Demon Cult steals the a Magical Orb from the Kunoichi clan and flees back to their lair. The cultists also kill the head of the Kunoichi clan, who was the only one who knew what the Magical Orb was for. After returning from her mission Lily learns of the Cult’s attack and sets off to retake the Magical Orb and take vengeance! After traveling through various parts of the continent and fighting the Cult forces along the way, Lily finally reaches their underground lair, where she is able to retake the Magical Orb and discover its wish granting powers.

Kunoichi Rush is available now for Windows platforms on Nutaku. It is normally $10, but is currently $7 with the 30% launch week discount.

Next on the list is Sakura Gamer. Winged Cloud released this title on Steam earlier this month. If you missed out on the Steam launch week discount, you have a second chance to get it for $9 on Nutaku during its launch week sale. Even better, this version comes with adult content without requiring a patch. You can grab this title on Nutaku for both Windows and Linux.

About Sakura Gamer

The Story

When she was a young girl, Nekohime dreamt of being a video game developer. Now in her early twenties, she’s abandoned that dream to focus on her uninspiring job as a computer repair technician. There’s not enough time in the day to focus on game development – and anyway, isn’t she too old to entertain such unrealistic notions?

That is, until her childhood friend, Clover, introduces her to the seductive Suki.

Suki is determined to turn Nekohime’s dream into a reality and finally develop a game – and she refuses to let Nekohime’s self-doubt stop her. Whether she wants to or not, Nekohime’s pulled into a brand new world, alongside these two bubbly, optimistic girls.

Will they be able to make a hit game together, or will it all be for nought? And, in the end, will Nekohime manage to find true love?

Kunoichi Rushand Sakura Gamercan both be purchased right now on Nutaku.

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