Slaps and faps for all kinds of boys and girls

Vault 69 by Taboo Games is a Fallout parody hentai game. Point and click to fuck your family, your teacher, and other vault residents.

The Fallout franchise is no stranger to adult themes. Players of the games are used to romance-able sidekicks, lusty slavers, and seemingly infinite nude mods. This tradition of degeneracy is ample territory for erotic fan content, and this tradition continues in Vault 69, a new game by Taboo Games set in the Fallout universe.

Vault 69 is an adventure game where players take the role of a resident within one of the Fallout franchise’s vaults. For reasons that are not well-explained, he needs to make money in order to help his family. Along the way, he will get opportunities to get into the lower vaults of a variety of women, including his mother, his sister, his childhood crush, and others. There are also hints of a broader plot involving a secret conspiracy by the vault to make its residents hornier, which fits the MO of the pointlessly evil Vault-Tec nicely.

Gameplay involves pointing and clicking in various environments, collecting bobbleheads, and talking to the vault’s residents. In these conversations, players are offered limited dialogue options that change the flow of events. According to the Patreon, there are plans to include a morality system, but this is currently not meaningfully implemented at this moment in time. Leaving the vault to go on adventures also appears to be planned, but it too has not been implemented in the main game.

The game uses a deliberately cartoony, faux-80’s style. Sexual content is only integrated on a limited basis, but fetishes planned for inclusion (in the words of the devs) are as follows:

– Incest – Anal sex – Classic sex – Oral sex – BDSM – Flogging – Dominance (optional) – Representation (optional) – Rape – Sex in public places – Forced sex – With working personnel – Toys – And much more.

Keep in mind that the development team for the game, Taboo Games, is based out of the Russian speaking world, and thus the English version of Vault 69 is based on a translation that may have issues.

Version 0.03 is the most recent public version of Vault 69. Players can get the game from Taboo Games’ Patreon page, where one can donate to the development team if inclined to do so.

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