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Maitetsu's Paulette Hinai 1/6 Scale Figure Is up for Pre-Order on J-List

The Paulette Hinai 1/6 scale figure from Maitetsu is now available for pre-order on J-List.

While many people love the adorably innocent charm of a loli, there’s no denying the appeal of ample, squishable breasts. Why not have both? Today we bring you the Paulette Hinai 1/6 scale figure.

This adorable oppai loli will be immediately recognizable to some, but many probably haven’t heard of her before. If the name Paulette Hinai doesn’t ring a bell, this is a character from Lost’s train-themed eroge Maitetsu. It’s a rather timely reveal for such a figure as Denpasoft recently confirmed a planned 18+ version of the title during their panel at Anime Expo 2017.

The Paulette Hinai figure comes with swappable arms and removable clothing. After some research, we were able to confirm that her bathing suit is stretchable silicone, allowing you to see more skin than what appears in the preview shots. She stands at 25cm (9.8in) with her 1/6 scale. Her two variations differ not only in the swimsuit color — the blue version features her with a bashful smile, while the white version has a more playful, open mouth expression.


Maitetsu is a comfy visual novel set in the Japanese countryside with a big focus on trains, it also features three unique heroines for you to fall in love with. One of the heroines is Paulette Hinai, the cute train otaku who never stops talking about railroads. This is a beautiful 1/6 scale figure of Paulette in a stretchable school swimsuit. She comes with extra accessories so you can display her with a hat, with arms down, or with a school uniform on top. A great figure for fans. By Q-six.

You can order the Paulette Hinai figure with either a blue or white version of her bathing suit. Both can be ordered from J-List for $150, plus a 10% off pre-order discount. This figure is expected to release in January 2018.

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