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Oppaidius Summer Trouble! Kickstarter Launched

The project has already been successfully funded.

Vittorio Giorgi has launched a Kickstarter for his 90s-themed ecchi visual novel, Oppaidius Summer Trouble!

On October 8th, Vittorio Giorgi, an Italian comic artist has created a Kickstarter project for his first visual novel. The game is titled Oppaidius Summer Trouble! and tells the story of a young, games-loving shut-in who meets his new neighbor, Serafina, a girl rocking an unrealistic cup size. He quickly becomes obsessed with the girl to the point of dreaming about her, but surprisingly, his sleazy friend Jimmy questions her existence doubting the protagonist’s sanity.

Oppaidius Summer Trouble! will be an ecchi game with plenty of nudity, but no direct pornographic content. The game combines Vittorio’s three biggest interests: drawing, oppai, and his love of video games, with a special mention of Japanese titles from the 90s. Oppaidius showcases old-school pixel-art backgrounds, as well as stylized CGs for special scenes and character art. A demo of the game is already available through the game’s Itch.io page for the PC, Mac, and Linux systems and will introduce you to the story as well as showcase the game’s unique art direction.

One of the project’s selling points is the musical talent working on the game. The game’s soundtrack is created using the Yamaha YM2151 sound chip, which was popular in 80s arcade system boards, to create an original FM-synth score. The game’s main composer is Luca Della Regina, who’s also working on Xydonia, another Kickstarter project a year in the making. Aside from Luca, three experienced composers will contribute to the game’s soundtrack. Norihiko Hibino, who worked on the Metal Gear Solid series, as well as Masashi Kageyama, known for Benkei Gaiden, will each make an extra song for the game. Tsuyoshi Kaneko, who worked on the Yakuza series, will provide two remixes of the game’s tracks. Norihiko Hibino has issued a special message about the project:

Last Saturday, the project has been fully funded reaching its €1,500 goal. The remaining month of the campaign is dedicated to reaching stretch goals, which include extra scenes, the panic button game, and inviting even more famous Japanese musicians. Pledging does grant special bonuses, like access to the game itself with the digital or physical copy granted upon the development’s completion, a FLAC soundtrack, T-shirts and original sketches. The Kickstarter’s main goal is expected to fund extra music tracks and a professional translation of Oppaidius into English and Japanese. Vittorio takes care of the art, scenario and the game’s design on his own, while Matteo, a friend of his, aids with programming and cutting down the project’s costs.

The game has no planned release date as of yet, but there will be a founder’s demo released in summer 2018.  The full version of the game will feature a story spanning over 11,000 words. You can find the Kickstarter page for the game here.

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