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Two teenage witches are turned into magical sex slaves by a school rival in Kexboy’s Harry Potter inspired visual novel Magic Slavery.

The developer Kexboy, creator of The Last Weekend, is in the midst of developing an erotic fantasy visual novel entitled Magic Slavery. The project is one of three that Kexboy is currently developing, including Hazard: Magical Girdle and Synthetic Love. Kexboy is using the Visionare Studio 4 engine to develop the game.

Kexboy has compared his game’s setting to Harry Potter and referenced the franchise in the game’s introduction post. The plot follows two friends — Gabriella and Suzie — who had previously been the sidekicks of a chosen one who saved their magical school from an evil wizard. Meanwhile, the preening aristocratic son of this defeated villain has a plan to get revenge. By forging a magical slavery contract, he can now force the two to do whatever he commands. Of course, these commands usually consist of degrading sex acts. Now the two must find a way out of the contact.

Much of the gameplay in Magic Slavery follows standard visual novel “click to proceed” mechanics, but there are also adventure game style sequences that involve the player interacting with different environments. The game is mostly linear so far, only using using the adventure game sequences on rare occasion.

Sexual content is relatively frequent, with a wealth of hand-drawn sex scenes for players to click through. Sexual content includes the standard fare, such as groping, threesomes, and blowjobs, but is always tinged with a current of domination, mind control, and humiliation.

Magic Slavery’s most recent build is Alpha 0.17.10, however, it is only the second demo that has been released for the game. Players should also be aware that there does not appear to be a working save function, so any story progress will not be transferred over to the next release.

The most up-to-date version of Magic Slavery is Alpha 0.17.10. Players interested in trying the game can find the demo either on Kexboy’s Patreon page, or on the game’s Itch.io page.

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