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Hreinn Games has publicly released Kingdom of Deception version 0.3.4. This update adds intrigue and sex during an orc festival.

On October 14th, the Hreinn Games team put out the third release for their high fantasy political drama Kingdom of Deception. This release is focuses on a contest for supremacy among three orc high chiefs during an orcish religious festival. Players will need to politic with the different chiefs to throw around their support. Of course, since this is an erotic game, this can be accomplished through less than wholesome means.

Kingdom of Deception version 0.3.4 also prominently features the introduction of Velis, a female human merchant who frequently does business with the Orc Encampment that the main character Sabia has been de facto exiled to.

The previous release of the game, version 0.2.2, contained a story plot involving an invasion by mischievous catgirls, a sidequest featuring a possible sexual encounter with a human soldier, and an expanded job system.

Fetishes introduced in the previous two versions of the game include monster sex, yuri, catgirls, threesomes, breeding, exhibitionism, milking, rape/noncon, gangbangs, and deepthroating.

The changelog for Kingdom of Deception version 0.2.2 includes:

Changes in version 0.2.2: – Improvements to the Neve x Maply scene. – Further bugs and typos.

Major New Content: – An incident involving catgirls can be played beginning to end. – New jobs have been unlocked in camp. – Working at the bar has been expanded, with a sequence of scenes available. – There is a sidequest involving a human soldier.

Minor Changes: – Enemies no longer get a final blow and ties have been mostly removed, since the intent here wasn’t widely understood. – Equipment stats now listed in tent screen. – You can now decline the sex scene after beating Lutvrog.

List of new sex scenes: – In the process of resolving the catgirl quest, you may encounter a scene with two variants. – Depending on how you choose to resolve the event, you may get a relief tents scene at the end. It has three different variants, two of which have four ranks depending on your performance. – Working in the Silvertusk Bar can now lead to a sequence of scenes. – The soldier sidequest has a scene with two major variants.

The changelog for Kingdom of Deception version 0.3.4 is as follows:

– 5 base CGs, 7 different scenes – Many of the scenes are involved in the central event, which has four major variants depending on your choices – Addition of a potion-crafting system – Misc improvements to previous sections – Many new characters, bases and backgrounds.

The fixes from 0.3.0 are:

-Fix of a white hind hunt bug that could get you stuck from progressing and capturing the hind. -Typos and a few smaller bugs fixed. -Tweak to money balance: it’s now possible to earn a little more money from the catgirl quest.

If you’re interested in Kingdom of Deception version 0.3.4, you can pick it up over at Hreinn Games’ Patreon Page. The Hreinn Games team also runs a blog, which also contains new releases and updates about the game.

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