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PlayHome, Illusion’s newest erotic game about a family of women getting targeted by a revenge-fueled pervert, has just been released.

The popular 3D eroge creators known as Illusion are back with a new major title called PlayHome. Similar to one of their most popular titles, RapeLayPlayHome tells the tale of a family of women in dire straits when a pervert decides to get his revenge by raping and humiliating them after his first attempt at molestation gets thwarted by the mother’s new husband.

A sex simulator at its core, PlayHome will allow the player to select specific locations with an in-game map, choose one of the girls from the Morikawa family and proceed to have sex with them at that location. The sex scenes and available positions change depending on the location picked by the player and there is an option to cycle through them at any given place.

This time around, Illusion boasts about their newest “Ero Real Shader,” providing high-quality lights, shadows, and colors on a level never seen before in their titles. This, coupled with extremely highly-detailed textures and virtual reality support, is supposed to provide the player with an intense feeling of immersion as witnesses the sexual deviancy happening to the Morikawa family. As with all Illusion games previously released, PlayHome is extremely customizable when it comes to modifying the appearance of in-game characters. Apart from the game already featuring over 1,000 accessories and the option to import character data from two other Illusion games, Honey Select and Sexy Beach Premium Resort.

Forcing the girls into sexual situations is just one side of the intercourse coin for PlayHome. All the Morikawa women will gradually have their minds broken and ultimately become sex-crazed with the more hardcore fucking you expose them too. As an added bonus, you can also involve other girls as you take care of your current victim. Down the line, it is also possible to involve the women’s new stepfather Kouichi and have him join in on the action.

Be sure to check our translation of the major characters’ bios and story details just below this paragraph, coupled with a few sample screenshots from the game.


One day, Nishikujou Takeru tries molesting a girl and is stopped by Morikawa Kouichi. Nishikujou then begins to strike back at Morikawa with his vengeful plan. Nishikujou begins targeting Kouichi’s previously divorced new wife and the kids she brought with her when she remarried Kouichi. The normal family life that Morikawa had tried to build begins to come crumbling down…

“That guy has to pay for stopping me, the greatest, from committing this victimless crime, right?”


Morikawa Ritsuko (CV: Akashi Yuki)

“What…is your goal?”

The elder daughter of the Morikawa family. She’s normally fairly cold, but has a passionate side when her beloved little sister is involved. Does like her parents very much.

Morikawa Akiko (CV: Kasuga An)

“Jeez, Mama, don’t treat me like a kid forever!”

The younger daughter of the Morikawa family. Bright and friendly, she loves her family. She’s socially adept, with an innate skill to read the mood.

Morikawa Yukiko (CV: Misumi Nanaho)

“Take care, honey♪”

The once-divorced mother of Ritsuko and Akiko, she later remarried with Kouichi. She has a relaxed personality and cares for her family, though sometimes she’s a bit careless. She’s on very good terms with Kouichi.

Morikawa Kouichi (CV: Matsukaze Ken)

“Hey you, what are you doing to that girl!?”

A serious and honest man, his first marriage is to Yukiko. He cares for his family and yearns to get along with them. He doesn’t know how to act around his stepdaughters, who are in a difficult age, but tries his best to get along with them. He’s a virgin.

Nishikujou Takeru (CV: Yoshi Kyuzou, aka GoodQZou)

“Tsk… that bastard ruined my chance at some fun…”

A punk that has a grudge against Kouichi. Sets out to destroy the Marikawa family with his own lust.

You can purchase a physical Japanese PC copy of PlayHome on Getchu for 7,280 yen (around $65). Fan modders have already been busy with the new release and already created uncensored versions of female genitalia, as well as UI, dialogue, and launcher translations. You can gain access to them by checking out the dedicated PlayHome thread on the HongFire forums. You can expect more fan-authored goodies to come along in due time, so keeping an eye out on that thread is highly advised.

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