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TeamKRAMA has just released the English version of their sexually-charged first-person shooter, Seed of the Dead. Celebrate Friday the 13th by shooting zombies and banging cute girls.

A common question that often pops up in the comments section is “Do any of these adult games on Patreon ever get finished?” It’s a fair question to ask, as many games do seem to spend a lot of time in development. Fortunately, there’s a new title that can be representative of a finished product: Seed of the Dead.

This title puts you and a team of three gun-wielding women into a zombie-infested city. Your team will have to blast their way through the hordes of zombies and escape the city. That doesn’t mean there isn’t time for sex. Seed of the Dead even lets you fuck your female companions in the middle of combat. It’s for their own good, as they will receive certain buffs from doing so.

If the screenshots for this game seem more familiar than the title, that’s because we covered this game a few months back when it was called Rape of the Dead. The title change may be a localization choice, as Seed of the Dead still maintains its rape-y title on DMM and Japanese DLsite. Also regarding the localization, it was handled by native English speakers, so hopefully it’s of higher quality than many of the machine translated releases.

Seed of the Dead can be purchased from DLsite for $18.27 / €15.45/2,052 JPY. It has a massive 1.22 GB demo available if you want to give it a try before you buy. This title is currently only available for the PC.

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