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Obscurasoft has released its first visual novel, Coming Out on Top, on Steam. The game is now on sale to celebrate this occasion.

Coming Out on Top is a gay dating sim about Mark Matthews, a college student who has managed to come out to his friends. This begins a new stage in his life where he and his friends rediscover each other. There’re a total of 18 guys on stage, spanning different shapes and sizes, though most lean towards the chiseled end of the spectrum. For a neat little touch, the guy’s body hair can be customized to taste.

There are 6 main story routes, including a secret one. Additionally, some smaller dates are available on the side. The game’s tone aims to be humorous, rather than dramatic. You can find out more about it in our review of COOThere. The official description of the game is as follows:

Coming Out on Top is a choose-your-own-fate game which places you in the role of a college senior, Mark Matthews. You’re about to come out of the closet and are ready to make up for lost time. With the help of your loyal roommates, play through six hilarious routes and ten unforgettable dates. 18 hot guys are waiting for you to win them over.


* 6 Full Long-form Routes * 10 Additional Dates * 1 Secret Route * Customizable beard and body hair options for all 18 guys * Over 80 full scene illustrations * Hours & hours of hilarious, heart warming, and sexy stories * Hundreds of unique choices that determine your destiny

New content to accompany a Steam release will be bonus in-game illustrations. The Steam version will be censored in a way similar to Steam’s other erotic games.

Coming Out on Top is now available on Steam , but you can also get it on Obscurasoft’s official site or Itch.io page for $14.99, due to the ongoing sale. Once the sale ends, the title’s price will return to $19.99.

If you decide to purchase the game on Steam or Itch.io, it will be a censored version with no lewd imagery. An uncensor patch in form of the “sexy illustration pack” is already available. A download link and installation guide can be found here.

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