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Horror Shooter Eliminator Kaede-san Now Available on Japanese DLsite

Japanese game development circle Moyashi Giken has released their 3D eroge and horror shooter Eliminator Kaede-san on the Japanese version of DLsite.

Indie game developer Moyashi Giken has released their third-person shooter and eroge Eliminator Kaede-san on the Japanese DLsite. Just like the game’s name implies, Eliminator Kaede-san takes the player to a world of nightmarish monsters and tasks the player to eliminate them as the titular silver-haired beauty Kaede. With the selection of several guns and rifles, the girl has to eliminate wave after wave of incredibly fast and aggressive abominations while earning points she can later spend on various unlockables. There are also plenty of secrets to find for those that pay close attention to their surroundings.

Shooting horrific abominations isn’t Kaede’s only pastime in Eliminator Kaede-san. The silver-haired operator is alone in a world filled with monsters and a girl can get really lonely like that. The game allows you to peek at Kaede while she masturbates with free camera control, so you can see the action from any angle you wish. On top of that, Kaede also has physiological needs, and you can catch her in the toilet the same way you can peep on her while she’s masturbating.

The game features a costume system with ten different styles available to mix and match Kaede’s appearance to your liking. With 18 achievements for those that want to test themselves, you can also unlock extra artwork after reaching a certain achievement threshold.

Check out a few screenshots from the game below:

You can now grab the digital PC version of Eliminator Kaede-san over on the Japanese version of DLsite for ¥2,592 (around $23 USD). An extensive demo of the game is also available to download here.

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