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"Girls in Big City" Tech Demo Publicly Released

The Worst has been working on the demo since June, and now it's available for non-patrons.

Indie artist and animator TheWorst along with his dev-group, consisting of DarkTL and Xela, created a demo for their visual novel Girls in Big City that was originally for patrons only. After four months, the tech demo has finally been released to the public.

Girls in Big City is a visual novel with turn-based combat. There are going to be four playable characters in the finished release, but in the demo you can only play as two characters: Zoom and Wonder Woman. Your true character is Zoom, but you can change his name if you prefer.

Zoom was the fastest man alive until he was transported to a different universe and his super powers disappeared. Now he works as an investigator while searching for ways to get back to his universe. However, he is not the only one who has transported to this universe without powers. Zoom has the ability to keep track of the stability of time and space. He senses a disturbance and finds Wonder Woman trying to use her powers. After explaining the situation to her, Zoom suggests working together to find a way back home, but she refuses to work with him. This could be bad for Zoom, but all he has to do is manipulate things from behind the scenes and lead her in the right direction in order to get his way.

The tech demo for Girls in Big City features different game mechanics. During most of the game you play as Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. One of her major objectives in the game is earning money to support herself in this unfamiliar city. Buying different items can help you during combat, build up your stats, or give you access to opportunities you didn’t have before. You can earn money by fighting a bum in an alleyway (which is turn-based combat), winning a game of blackjack against your landlord, or modeling for photo shoots. Build up Diana’s stats to cause different outcomes.

Zoom, on the other hand, only has one minigame in the demo. In it, you are meant to molest Diana in her sleep, raising her lust bar while not waking her up. If she wakes up, it’s game over.

Here are some features planned for the finished product:

Some of the gameplay/fetishes:

– Seduction;

– Anal/Straight/Lesbo Sex;

– Mind Control;

– Fun Story Line;

– Multiple Endings;

– Items/Inventory;

– Simple and intuitive Interface;

– Parodies of popular characters;

– Clear path to H-Content rewarding players for playing and/or making ingame decisions;

– Kamasutra Theme;

– Tons of expressions and gestures;

– Stats;

– Hidden Mechanics;

– Bonus Cards Systems;

While the demo itself is meant as an introduction and proof of concept, TheWorst plans to add much more content. You can play the tech demo for Girls in Big City and watch its progress on TheWorst’s Patreon.

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