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The space-faring adventure visual novel Mutiny!! from Lupiesoft will soon become available on Steam and MangaGamer.

In Mutiny!!, you play as a prostitute tricked into becoming a new captain of a pirate ship. Said ship is deeply in debt and the unqualified band of pirates sailing it is chased by the navy. Your only chance of repaying this debt is to find one of many legendary treasures spread throughout the world. Fortunately, the ships in Mutiny!! can cross not just the sea, but also the sky.

The game is an eroge visual novel that aims to be generally fun through its colorful world, hosting a silly cast of characters and a lot of sexy scenes. Aside from typical VN narration, the game has logical puzzles and ship battles. The pornographic content features monster girls, yuri scenes, and futanari action. There are a total of eleven girls present in the game’s main cast.

The story is constructed around the main overarching plot, with character-specific routes being built in as side stories, rather than game and ending-defining routes. Lupiesoft plans to use this system in order to update the game with extra storylines later on. The first two story DLC’s are planned to be added on the day of title’s release on Steam and Mangagamer, while four more are outlined for the future.

Below you can view the game’s description as seen on Mangagamer, a trailer and a small gallery:


Captain Grace Barnet

The newly-minted captain of the Mutiny!! She is coquettish, sultry, smart. Because of her faint expressions, It’s hard to say whether you’re being teased or not when she speaks to you. As a harlot she was tricked by the previous captain into taking ownership of a boat and all the debt on it.

Creditor Jackie

Creditor Jackie. She’s a tough woman, with far too much paperwork, and a whole lot of unspent wanderlust. Every story about how she lost her limbs seems more fantastical than the last! She probably made up a few of them for the fun of it. She’ll be happy just as soon as someone pays off the “Mutiny!!” bloody debt.


Spiders are meant to be monsters, creating webs to trap their prey before sinking in their fangs! Lirdynrae would seem to be the exception to this rule. Demure and softly spoken, but protective to a fault when it comes to her fairy friend. She likes to be useful with her silk, and hates the idea that she might scare people.


The crew’s best pair of eyes, along with being a punky fairy with a fast mouth and a lewd mind. Stars only know how long she’s been friends with Lirdynrae, but she’s certainly confident. Okay, maybe she’s a little bit… self-conscious in regards to her tiny (albeit adorable) frame.

Grozdana Kakra I-it’s not like she enjoys being here! She’s too proud for her own good, and recently became the deposed princess of a sphinx-girl nation. Despite having been born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she can see and feel more than she lets on… but it’s not as though she still doesn’t act like a brat…


The muscle of the ship, Alcina can often be found curled up in a corner with a book in hand and with no motivation to do anything except reading and working out. Otherwise, she’s a warm and friendly crew member… unless you ruin her precious book collection, in which case she’ll ruin you.

Elizabeth Margaret

The moth-er of the ship. Cook, maid, and probably other miscellaneous things, she seems to take it upon herself to keep the ship liveable. While generally a kind and patient person, she sometimes seems to get a bit irritated with the more lackadaisical members of the crew.


No one is quite as timid a would-be treasure hunter and former pirate as Bree. She’s as likely to faint as she is to complete the task set before her. But give Bree a chance and she’ll lift your spirits and calm your heart. And maybe give you a few panic attacks in the process.

You can pre-order Mutiny!! on for a discounted launch price of $17.95 or 89 MG points. Later down the line, it will cost $19.95. The game will come out on both MangaGamer and Steam on October 20th. Keep in mind that while Mutiny!! is a new addition to the MangaGamer and Steam libraries, it has been out for some time now over on Nutaku, where you can get it for $20 or 2000 gold.

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