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Aksys Games is bringing Tamsoft’s third-person action shooter School Girl/Zombie Hunter to North America in November.

First announced during Anime Expo 2017, School Girl/Zombie Hunter is a third-person action shooter that follows five high school girls as they get caught up in a zombie outbreak at Kirasaku High School. Luckily for them, the school deals not only with conventional teaching, but also military arts. Thanks to this they’re able to arm themselves with a multitude of weaponry. On top of the guns, each girl can also perform a powerful, stamina-consuming melee attack based on their club interests — which include soccer, baseball, and kendo.

Additionally, zombies can be lured away or distracted by setting traps with clothing — bra and panties included. Given that their garments are going to be torn to shreds in combat anyway, the girls may as well get as much use out of them as they can. However, this serves as a double-edge sword, as less clothing means less health. While uniforms and the underwear can both be used as bait, players need to be mindful of how many hits they can take if there’s nothing for the zombies to bite and claw away at.

Set in the Onechanbara universe, the story of School Girl/Zombie Hunter involves getting the five girls out of school alive. As you progress through the game you’ll learn more about each girl — including details of their past and motivations. You don’t even have to go through the roughly 50 missions alone, as School Girl/Zombie Hunter features an online co-op mode for up to five players.

The Japanese version of the game has been out since January 12, but North America won’t have to wait much longer, as the North American release is set for November 17, 2017 on the PlayStation 4. Currently, there is no information about a European release or a PC port. At this point, there are no details for potential censorship of the game in North America.

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