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Independent developer GRIMHELM has released a gameplay demo of his latest Metroid-inspired erotic action game Alien Quest: Eve.

Developer GRIMHELM, known for his two other action games, Dark Star and Dungeon & maid, is back with his third title, Alien Quest: Eve, which is already quite far in development. Alien Quest: Eve is a game heavily inspired by the Metroid franchise, in particular, the 2D entries. In the title, the player takes on the role of Ellen, a young woman tasked with investigating an accident on the Medical Research Vessel EVE, overrun by nightmarish creatures in a science fiction setting.

As previously mentioned, the game is a Metroidvania-styled action game, meaning the player will have to explore various environments in a 2D world in order to find carefully hidden abilities and weapons that will allow them to progress past specific obstacles. Unlike Metroid however, Alien Quest: Eve also features a leveling system and attributes you can invest points in to strengthen your character after leveling up.

Like GRIMHELM’s previous titles, Alien Quest: Eve will also feature a gallery mode accessible via the main menu, in which the player can view all the sex animations they have acquired through subsequent playthroughs. As is also typical of GRIMHELM games, you can expect a lot of that juicy sexual content to be full of horny monstrous beings, zombies and tentacles monsters with not much else to do but try to get a piece of Ellen’s fine body.

Be sure to check out some sample screenshots from the game’s demo, as well as a censored full playthrough of it just below this paragraph.

The PC demonstration v0.11 version of Alien Quest: Eve, containing six sex scenes and a small chunk of the full game to play through, can now be downloaded by following this link. There is sadly no ETA for GRIMHELM’s latest game, so we will have to sit tight and await more progress reports from the developer.

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