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SakuraGame Releases Crimson Memories on Steam

Crimson Memories, an otome game from MagicHouse, has been published on Steam by SakuraGame.

MagicHouse is a mainly otome-focused studio with some past experience in the boys love genre. After releasing their newest title, Les Fleursword in English, they decided to also bring a slightly older game to the West. Tokiiro ni Moyuru Kokoro Akaneiro ni Moyuru Kioku, retitled as Crimson Memories on Steam, is an otome adventure game made in RPG Maker.

In the game players will take control of a nearly 20-year-old Tyria. This somewhat tomboyish girl is approached and abducted by a mysterious man, who then brings her to another named Syria. Syria explains that something is amiss with the history of her parents death. In order to find the truth, she will have to infiltrate the royal palace by posing as a servant.

As an otome game, Crimson Memories heavily focuses on Tyria forging a bond with one of the men met during her adventure. Three bachelors are available to woo in the game:

  • – Lantis Naru Norg, the prince of Peruabarad. Aside from treating women as tools, he also harbors hatred towards men due to being molested in the past.
  • – Carol Daak Rod, sent by Syria as a spy. He’s got a serious attitude, and he’s not much of a “man-savvy” man.
  • – Henri Bard Raburr, Tyria’s abductor. He’s a good-natured thief with tendencies similar to Robin Hood’s. However, he’s broke due to his dedication in helping the poor, so he steals to continue helping people.

The game contains 24 still images, with three of them being censored. To enjoy the original experience users will need to install a patch available on the game’s Steam forums. Crimson Memories can be played in either English or simplified Chinese, and there are also simplified mouse-only controls available. Developer MagicHouse also recommends that players have an OpenGL compatible graphics card, as it will perform poorly otherwise.

Crimson Memories is currently available on Steam for $1.19 until October 9th, being 40% off from $1.99. If you’re interested in the original Japanese version of the game, it can be found on for roughly $12.43 or 130 points.

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