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Conman and Ittaku Subs have released a fan translation patch for the highly popular visual novel and eroge To Heart 2 Xrated.

Originally released at the end of 2004 in Japan for the PlayStation 2, To Heart 2 is the visual novel sequel to the 1997 eroge To HeartTo Heart 2 was initially released as a 15+ title on the PlayStation 2 and only got an 18+ release titled To Heart 2 Xrated a year later for Windows-compatible PCs. Leaf and Aquaplus’s To Heart 2 has reached somewhat of a cult status in Japan, and on top of multiple rereleases for the PlayStation Portable and even PlayStation 3, the game has received multiple official and unofficial spin-offs, including other visual novels, manga, anime series and more recently, a two-game RPG series developed by Sting, known as To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers.

Be sure to read more about the patch features below, along with a story synopsis taken from Anime News Network, main character introductions from the To Heart 2 Wikipedia article and a few screenshots from the already patched game (including an uncensored sex CG).


The included patch backs up the original files and patches your existing installation, thus it includes no copyrighted material. It has 100% of the in game and H scene memories text translated. A special modified executable is generated that has most of the menus converted to English and supports a font change. The font is patched to one that is more suited to English text allowing substantially more text on screen which is important given the low resolution of the game on modern screens. In game icons have been graphically edited to English (see screenshot) where possible. Finally H scenes have all been manually decensored. As there was demand from some people to NOT include the decensored material, there is a choice of two patches to use: one that includes all the changes including the decensoring and one that only patches the menus for those who prefer to fap to big pixels instead of pr0n. The only thing that I could not get working was the ability to click on quoted text to replay voice – the position on screen where this happens does not align with the text. You cannot use old saved files as the jump points change after it’s patched. You need to start anew unless the saved files are at selection points.


Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takāki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new acquaintances. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.


Kouno Takaaki

Takaaki is the main male character. He is unvoiced and unseen in the game and makes his first appearance in the anime. Takaaki is childhood friends with Konomi and Tamaki and sees them as a younger sister and older sister. He is a kind young man who, despite his shy nature around girls, is often very kind to them when the situation arises. In the beginning of the story, his parents leave him home alone because of business.

Hanesaki Mio

Mio is a new heroine who was added to the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Although she is in the same class as Takaaki, she often remains unnoticed by other students to the extent that her name is unknown to most of them.

Himeyuri Ruri

Ruri is the younger Himeyuri twin. She is one school year younger than the protagonist, and is in the same class as Sango. She is fiercely protective and possessive of her sister, and when Sango finds herself attracted to Takaaki, Ruri becomes jealous and even hostile towards him. She is an excellent cook, as well. Unlike her twin sister, Ruri is not very bright and cannot develop robots. Both her and Sango speak with an extremely strong Kansai region dialect.

Himeyuri Sango

Sango is the older Himeyuri twin. She is one school year younger than the protagonist, and helped develop the next generation maid gynoids for Kurusugawa Electronics. While she is quite bright in the technical aspect, to others, she seems quite naive and almost childish. Despite her childish attitude, Sango appears to be the “older sister” of the pair and often gives advice to her twin sister, Ruri. Both her and Ruri, speak with an extremely strong Kansai region dialect.

Komaki Manaka

Manaka is one of the protagonist’s classmates and the class representative. She likes to help others out to the point that few realize she is being overburdened by her work. Despite being a good class rep, she has a fairly docile personality otherwise. Manaka assists the library club in marking archived books for barcoding, which causes a few problems since she is not a member. Has a talent for blending tea, which she does as a hobby. She is shy around boys, something Takaaki can empathize with. Despite being busy helping everyone at school, she still makes time to visit her younger sister, Ikuno (who is suffering from the complications of diabetes), who is in the hospital. She develops a crush on Takaaki, and becomes very comfortable with interacting with him as time passes.

Kousaka Tamaki

Tamaki is also childhood friends with both Konomi and Takaaki: the two see her as an older sister. She left them when they were both children, having to go to an all-girls boarding school. Her promise to come back to Takaaki and Konomi in the final year of high school is what prompted her to leave her boarding school. In the game, she is one year ahead of Takaaki. She is very confident and comes from a rich family. She is well-versed in traditional Japanese arts and traditions, yet still is a modern girl in her own right. In her group consisting of Konomi, Takaaki and Yuuji, she is the strong and dominant personality and acts as the older sister figure. She often addresses herself as “Tama-onee-chan”.

Kusakabe Yuuki

Yuuki is a mysterious girl that Takaaki meets in school at night, and for some reason she is not usually seen. She carries around a notebook called the “Trash Basket Notebook”.

Kusugawa Sasara

Sasara is a new heroine who appears in the releases subsequent to the PlayStation 2 version. She is one school year older than the protagonist and the student council vice-president and later the president. She has a cold demeanor and strict attitude and as a result, her only friend is Maaryan. When it is time for Maaryan to graduate, Sasara is saddened because her only friend would be leaving her and even tries to convince Maaryan not to graduate. Takaaki becomes acquainted with her after he is chosen to be a volunteer to help the student council with an event, but when Sasara becomes president, under certain circumstances he become treasurer. While working with Takaaki in the student council she begin developing her crush on him.

Lucy Maria Misora

Lucy is an alien that can communicate with animals. Notable also for other traits, like using matchsticks as currency, writing in Egyptian hieroglyphs, raising her arms and speaking out “rū” (which becomes a trend as a silly way of greeting people), and referring to all humans as “ū”.

Sasamori Karin

Karin is in the same grade as Takaaki and the founder and only member of the “Mystery Club” before she manages to blackmail Takaaki into joining. Despite the name, the “Mystery Club” does not really read mystery novels or engage in real-life detective work, but is more a club for the occult, the supernatural, and unexplained. Most consider Karin an oddball, not only because of her interest in UFOs, but because of little things, such as her love for egg sandwiches and singing an odd nursery rhyme about eggs, as well.

Tonami Yuma

Yuma is in the same grade as the protagonist from a neighboring class and close friends with Manaka. She is very high-strung and aggressive who rides a bike, and for some reason always collides with Takaaki in many embarrassing situations. This is not helped by the fact that she always holds Takaaki at fault, and her attempts to challenge him to duels always end up worse off than they began. After losing to Takaaki in any way, she often points to him and famously says, “Don’t think you’ve already won this!” She lives in a rich family and is being trained to take over her grandfather’s business.

Yuzuhara Konomi

Konomi is To Heart 2’s main heroine. She is a childhood friend of Takaaki, whom she is neighbors with. Konomi has a childish and energetic personality and sometimes refer to herself in third person. She often makes an attempt at cooking, despite that her culinary skills are often doubted by Takaaki. Konomi is one year younger than Takaaki, and is still a junior high school student when the story begins, but later commutes to Takaaki’s high school during the new school term.


Ittaku Subs’ fan translation patch for To Heart 2 Xrated can now be downloaded via Torrent or direct download. The installation instructions, patch features, and credits on the project can be found in the patch archive.

Original copies of To Heart 2 Xrated can be acquired via several Japanese online retailers like Getchu  for 7,180 JPY or on Amazon Japan.

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