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Team Passion has started an Indiegogo campaign to bring, Tower of Saviors: Cries of Souls, their fan-made Tower of Saviors visual novel, to life.

Team Passion Games has started an Indiegogo campaign for their fan-made 18+ visual novel, Tower of Saviors: Cries of Souls. It is based off of Madhead Limited’s Tower of Saviors, a rune-matching puzzle game for mobile devices. Team Passion Games has already received permission from Madhead Limited to create this visual novel, directly based on the original game. Unlike most visual novels where routes and choices lead to certain endings, the endings for Tower of Saviors: Cries of Souls will be decided by minigames.

Team Passion Games is asking for $50,000 and plans to use the money on character and background art, music, and a little bit of animation. If they reach their stretch goals, $75,000 will expand the story and gameplay content with more CGs, backgrounds, and music. If $100,000 is reached, Team Passion will hire voice actors and add lyrics to the music. $150,000 will add more minigames and routes to the visual novel. $250,000 will make everything (backgrounds, characters, and sex scenes) being animated. All the money earned in the campaign will be used to pay those who contributed to the game’s production. Team Passion Games expects the visual novel novel to take three years to develop.

The campaign lasts until the end of October 2017, and if Tower of Saviors: Cries of Souls is released, it will be available for free. There is also a demo available for Tower of Saviors: Cries of Souls, if you want to know what the visual novel will be like.


A bloody thousand-year war has waged between the gods and the demons, and now even the humans have gotten involved. It was up to the Summoners to help end the war, and bring peace back to the realm. They climbed the Enochain Tower to try and seek the highest god’s help. But as they climbed higher up the tower, they found out the truth behind the god’s true motive for the war…

Lenio is a 19-year old young man who lived deep in the forest with his 10-year old sister, Linna. Even after their parents died from a hunting accident, they kept on living a peaceful life. Their village was far from the war zone. Linna hoped for Lenio to become a Summoner and bring her to his adventures. Everything changed on the day, when the demon Astaroth invaded the village and killed his sister right in front of him. The devastated Lenio swore to become a mighty Summoner, with guidance from Glauox, a mysterious owl person. He goes on a journey to end the war himself, like he promised his now-deceased sister. Along the way, he makes friends, helps people, and learns secrets of the world.

Game info:

Made with Unity programming language. The game will be available for personal computers with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Multiple routes with different point of view characters.

The end game choices will have a mini-game that will decide if player gets a good, or bad ending at the end of a route.

7 routes in total. 4 routes for yaoi goodness, 3 routes for straight couplings!

The demo for Tower Saviors: Cries of Souls can be downloaded here , or through Team Passion Games’ Indiegogo page, where you can donate directly to the game’s campaign.

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