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Libra Heart has released the English language version of SUCCUBUS The SIX Spells on English DLsite.

It’s October, the month where we celebrate spooky themes like ghosts and monsters. In this month of supernatural celebration, we certainly can’t forget the lewdest mythical monster, the succubus. Fortunately for us, Libra Heart, developer of the SUCCUBUS series, has recently released the latest title in the series, SUCCUBUS The SIX Spells. To make things even better, it has just received an English translation, now available on English DLsite.

Here’s some information from the store page:

[ SUCCUBUS The SIX Spells ]

The SIX Spells that were sealing away an evil king have been stolen!

“At this rate, something troublesome will happen…”

Thought one succubus and she thus head off on her way to recover the stolen spells.

Travelling far and wide to; a prison on an isolated island, the catacombs,

the water shrine, the cave of fire, the forest of illusion and the ancient tower…

[ Game System ]

– Side Scrolling Erotic ACTION

– Charm the enemy monsters and suck ’em dry!

– Use the 6 spells to your advantage and proceed through the game!

– 50 CG in total!

– 20 erotic animations in total!

– With a cheat to unlock all CG and animations if you wish!

If you’re not familiar with the SUCCUBUS series, you can check out our LewdLooks for the previous games.

LewdLook: Succubus

LewdLook: Akumajou Succubus

LewdLook: The Tower of Succubus

LewdLook: Succubus Hunter

SUCCUBUS The SIX Spells is available on the English DLSite for $8.64 or 972 JPY. It’s available for Windows platforms. If you want a little taste of the game before you buy, they also have a demo available.

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