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Western eroge publisher Denpasoft has announced a slew of new game titles during this year’s Anime Weekend Atlanta convention.

Publishers Sekai Project and Denpasoft have attended this year’s Anime Weekend Atlanta anime, manga and cosplay convention and have revealed several new titles they plan to release in the near future. The major announcements feature a new double DLC for Neko-NIN Exheart, the completion of development of Girls in Glasses, and three visual novel titles, known as Koi ni Kanami, wo soeteLove-Duction! and Heart of the Woods.

Denpasoft has also revealed their upcoming collaboration with erotic manga publisher and distributor FAKKU. Denpasoft will now be distributing their games via their own platform and on FAKKU’s new upcoming game publishing site.

The final piece of news includes an update to Blackberry Honey, a visual novel set in 19th century England and announced earlier at this year’s AnimeFest.

For all of Denpasoft’s announcements, as well as important updates taken from Denpasoft’s official blog, be sure to continue reading on.




Following up on Whirlpool’s mini project, Neko-nin ExHeart, they’re already hard at work on DLC content featuring the sub-characters, Saiha and Nachi.


Yura and Tama have declared themselves as cat ninja protectors of the protagonist yet they spend their days more like housecats than ninjas. Nevertheless, impressed with his desire to become a better master for his ninja retainers, Nachi decides to train him to achieve this goal. But what happens when Nachi finds herself falling for him as well?


According to Saiha, a runaway ninja has been spotted in their town and while the motive is unclear she tells the protagonist that they may have something to do with him. Although Yura and Tama are all over him to the point that the runaway ninja may not make a move, Saiha insists on staying with them in order to protect him?

While it’s not required to have played the original game beforehand, you may want to do so to avoid spoilers. More details coming up soon!



Originally announced at AWA 2016, we’re pleased to announce that development has concluded on Girls in Glasses! The graphic design has been overhauled from the original designs and the visual novel features full voice acting for the female characters.

It’s spring and the start of another school year for our protagonist, Hidekazu Akechi though he seems unenthusiastic about it. Nevertheless, his childhood friend Kana, tries to encourage him to look to this being a time of change and new beginnings. As he spends time with Kana, the ever so serious school president Kotomi, and Iroha, a quiet bookworm, perhaps something beyond friendship will grow between him and the girls.

Features multiple choices and routes for each of the heroines. And glasses.




Spring break at the school academy. It is a season filled with both expectation and hesitation as I enter my new life as a student at a new school. I, Ogi Sawasaki, have just moved from the quaint surroundings of my hometown to a new place: the town of Hanao Usaka.

My new home is my grandmother’s house that also functions as a café. Due to my grandmother’s recent illness and hospitalization, however, she was forced to close the café until further notice. When I heard about my grandmother’s situation from Chisato Komada (a childhood friend who is like an older sister to me), I looked around the desolate café and my heart was filled with a sense of loneliness. It was then I immediately thought:

“I want to bring the shop back to life again and show it to grandmother…!!!”

「Café Calmera」

We renovated the inside of the shop and gave it a new name. We prepared a new menu and café uniforms and began the hiring process to find new, part-time staff. Right away two girls, Niwasaka Rira and Shionomiya Rishie, came into the cafe.

「“Um… would it be ok if we worked here?”」

An unusually strong breeze blew cherry blossom petals inside the shop and they fluttered and danced around the cafe, myself, and the girls around me. This could only be a premonition of the bittersweet tale that would soon follow…


More information on this adorable project to come!




We are really pleased to announce our first title with the developer US8!

Nanaboshi Kanata is a student who has been traumatized by love. He is lying down in front of the Shiratori Academy gates in protest of it being torn down. The weather forecast is sunny with a chance of UFOs. This is the day he comes into contact with the Guide for Galactic Lovers. One small step for man, one giant leap for the plot. His classmate Yamada turns out to be an alien. UFOs start raining down from the sky. On top of all that, the Galactic Empire is demanding him to fall in love.

When he returns home, he finds that the sofa of his living room has been occupied by the Chancellor-Elect. One thing happens after another, and Kanata finds himself the target of the President of the Galactic Empire’s affection! “Analysis of both routes complete. Rate of success with either party is immeasurable.” When the impossible becomes possible, Kanata and the heroines engage in the Fourth Loveduction.


Annie Goldheart**

The President

The President of the Galactic Empire is one who is a cut above the rest of the Galaxy. In her case, she is a cut stupider than the rest of the Galaxy.

“It’s embarrassing! You’re making me thump thump and pop pop here!”

The current President of the Galactic Empire who has come to Earth for the next election. Her motto: “The more I stand out, the better.” Has a habit of saying “Galaxy”. Likes standing out and would put her life on the line for the sake of attention. She is rude and blunt but oddly possessed by a strong sense of duty. To the extent that she would publicly commit to falling in love with Kanata. But her chronic ‘I hate guys’ disease causes her to blush when he comes too close while making her thump thump and pop pop.

Yoshia Nina Betelgeuse


Her principle of, “Once I’ve made up my mind, I’m doing it,” is one of the reasons why she is running against Annie. Because she is a girl who “Won’t do it even if she’s made up her mind.”

“Hey. Sorry for the bad first impression, but you didn’t happen to see a crazy robot, did you?”

A Betelgeuse female who is the opposition to the current President Annie. Depraved, she shirks her responsibilities and is also selfish. Her only virtue is her beauty and elegance.

She is somehow interested in Kanata and has become Annie’s love rival as a consequence.

Compared to Annie, she is very assertive toward the opposite sex. As a result, she sticks close to Kanata and employs a more provocative approach. However, she is not used to being on the receiving end and her usual posture will be flung to the far reaches of the galaxy when approached.

Loves reading poetry but has the worst taste in the entire Galaxy. (Upon hearing it, earthlings go mad and look for mozuku to headbutt.)



Announced at the Sekai Project panel earlier today, Heart of the Woods will also be released with an adult version of the visual novel, which has been developed by one of the creators of Highway Blossoms . This game is the amazing artist Rosuuri’s first-ever NSFW work! You won’t find such amazing detailed art of hers with adult content anywhere else!

In Heart of the Woods, the main character Maddie is the manager for a paranormal-focused vlog, run by her best friend Tara. The two of them travel to a remote village, having been invited by one of the locals to check out some of the myths and legends of their town. Maddie doesn’t really expect anything to come of it, but a day or two into their visit, they start to witness strange lights in the forest, and Maddie spots a girl in pajamas walking through the snow.

Eventually, Maddie is able to meet this girl – and learns that she’s a ghost, named Abby, who was sacrificed to the god of the forest nearly 200 years ago. Abby is bound by magic to the forest, unable to leave it – but Maddie vows that she’ll find a way.



In case you missed it at the FAKKU panel on Friday, Denpasoft is pleased to be teaming up with FAKKU on their new game distribution platform and will be releasing games on both Denpasoft and FAKKU as well. We’re excited about this new partnership and will be making some announcements soon to highlight this new relationship!



We announced Blackberry Honey earlier this year at AnimeFest, but we have more information to share!

Set in England during the mid-19th century, Blackberry Honey is a story about maids, ghost stories, music, and unexpected romance.

The story begins when our heroine, Lorina Waugh, is fired from her previous position as a maid in the stately home of Hartwell. The young woman’s search for a new place of employment leads her to Bly.

Bly is an old, tumbledown building owned by the Lennard family, situated in the middle of the English countryside. Bly is dreary, remote, and isolated, and is veiled under an almost constant downpour of rain.

Of course, Lorina hates it immediately.

One of the only maids who deigns to speak to Lorina is the mysterious Taohua – but Lorina wishes she wouldn’t. Her aloof, almost cat-like personality, coupled with her most peculiar complexion, eyes, and name, have inspired more than a few rumours around the Shropshire countryside that she might be a witch.

Lorina knows she should keep her distance from Taohua, and she wants to, most desperately… but maybe there’s a pinch of truth to the stories, because she soon finds herself under the older woman’s spell.

Denpasoft concludes the announcements with a promise of more news and updates coming next month via their usual media channels. We will be sure to keep you up to date once more information has been revealed.

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