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H-BOX is Making a 3D Erotic Game Called Hentasia

Independent developer H-BOX is creating Hentasia, a 3D erotic exploration RPG, with the intent of filling it with popular fiction franchises.

3D animator turned game developer H-BOX has recently released the first public demo for his first game called Hentasia. The title is envisioned to be a 3D exploration game with RPG elements, combat and multiple quests to challenge and complete. The player will meet various girls inhabiting the world dubbed “H-eroines” and do his best to win their hearts and bodies through any means necessary.

Currently, it is difficult to predict how the game will shape up in future development. For now, it contains a simple 3D exploration structure and an elementary inkling of a combat system, with a basic character sheet, inventory, quest log as well as an action bar. A typical UI found in most RPG games.

Here are a few screenshots from the game’s first early demo:

You can download the free public version of Hentasia from H-BOX’s Patreon. This very early version of the game only contains a short intro quest establishing the premise of the title, with some nudity sprinkled in.

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