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Opiumud has released Overwatch Civil War, the final episode of his trilogy of pornographic Overwatch movies made in SFM.

Previously, we reported on a trailer Overwatch Civil War back at the end of January. It is the final episode to a three-part series made by Opiumud, an independent SFM artist working full-time on adult videos featuring various popular characters from fictional media. With Overwatch Civil War released, the trilogy can now be enjoyed as a whole. The project took roughly a year to complete.

The series contains mainly scenes of rape with use of violence. Popular Ovewatch ladies, including Widowmaker, Mercy, D.Va and young Ana will enjoy or be forced to enjoy cocks of men, dogs and each other through a multitude of scenes. Download links can be found on Opiumud’s Tumblr. Do note that direct download through will require a premium account, due to the films’ huge filesizes.

If you’re interested in Opiumud’s works, you can find more on his Tumblr, like League of legend’s Jinx getting gangbanged by Teemos, One Piece’s Nami getting raped by the Navy as well as some monsters, some NieR: Automata drama and much more. His works often feature storylines based on the original work’s themes and plot lines. To stay up to date with Opiumud’s, works you can follow him on his Twitter account. He also has a Patreon page, where he hopes to gain enough following as to employ more people and create a fully professional animation studio. A $1 patronage will grant you voting rights on his future projects. Further support offers early access to videos and higher quality, non-watermarked versions of Opiumud’s works.

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