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Modder and developer Loxodon has created an API framework for 2D science fiction crafting game Starbound, allowing for custom sex interactions to be modded into the game.

The aptly named Sexbound API framework, created by Loxodon for the sci-fi crafting game Starbound, allows modders to create custom sex mods. The framework introduces new functionality to Starbound and modifies the default script used by all NPC in the game. Anyone wishing to start their modding adventure with Sexbound API can now add a lust status effect to a targeted NPC, which in turn, will transform them into an interactive furniture object the creator calls a “SexNode”.

Lust (Status Effect)

The Lust (lust) status effect may be applied to both players and NPCs. Currently, the Lust status effect will cause NPCs to transform into a SexNode only!

SexNode (Entity Type: object)

The SexNode (sexnode) is a placeable object that NPCs with the ‘lust’ status effect may attempt to place on the ground, and the SexNode will store all important information about that NPC. Spawning a SexNode is currently a destructive process for an NPC because NPCs are unloaded from the world. NPCs are not always able to transform into a SexNode, and the successful placement of a SexNode requires the tile below the NPC to be free from obstruction. The NPC must be located in an unprotected zone that allows objects to be placed.

Several modders have already tried their hand at creating a few sex modifications, which include anything from vanilla sex positions, impregnation and cosplay sex to having sex with your own clone using the “Go F*** Yourself” mod.

Check out a few screenshots from one of the mods in action below.

You can download Sexbound API, currently sitting at version 1.10.1, and a few sex mods already available for it from LoversLab. On the same page, Loxodon has provided full installation instructions for the framework as detailed documentation, even including troubleshooting for the most common issues faced by users. Loxodon makes sure to update Sexbound quite frequently, and his latest addition even features the ability for NPCs to get pregnant and give birth.

To use the API and gain access to any of the Starbound sex mods, you will, of course, need the game itself. You can now purchase it on Steam for $14.99.

If you wish to support Loxodon in his lewd mod and game development ventures, you can now donate directly to his Patreon account found here.

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