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A new visual novel from Circus, titled Space Live – Advent of the Net Idols, is available for pre-orders on MangaGamer.

Development studio Circus, known for their Da Capo series, is getting ready to release their next visual novel. The title, known as Space Live, will focus on Idols competing for popularity in a bizarre, but interesting take on the future.

Taking place 200 years into the future, humanity of Space Live has abandoned its physical form as people uploaded themselves into Net Space, an interconnected digital world divided into factions centered around super idols. Every four years, these idols compete to take over each other’s fans.

The game will center around five main heroines affiliated with five different online spaces.

  • Ai E, a lively blond girl who used to be the most popular idol, but lost her status and now fights to reclaim it.
  • G Chrome, representing the Goggle Space, is a very well-informed, strategic, but stoic girl that just doesn’t want to lose.
  • Higitsune is a fox spirit that found its way to the Net Scape long before humans did, and she’s there mostly for the fun of it.
  • Sarifa, a dark-skinned beauty that refuses to act brashly, being a proper lady.
  • Tsukikage, who mixes traditional Japanese attires with a maid costume, and hopes to finally become a star.

MangaGamer has provided a more detailed introduction of the characters on their store page, which is as follows:

Ai E Ai used to boast a tremendous amount of popularity, but after losing her mantle at the top she is looking for a chance to prove her mettle.

Her desire for the crown is strong, and she spares no effort. However, she tends to mess up and get flustered, leading her to fall short of the mark. To make sure she delivers favorable results for this concert and continue acting as Macro Space’s representative, she is currently devising a trump card for the tournament.

Affiliation: Macro Space

“I have to take first place at the Space Live!”

G Chrome With vast economic power propping her up, she is greatly expanding her popularity. Supposedly, dark rumors are hinting that a stranger has acquired her personal information.

Although she’s the cool and emotionless type, she unexpectedly hates losing and will lash out when provoked.

She excels at data analysis, so she will exploit that by challenging her opponents’ weaknesses, adhere to the audience’s preferences, and employ superior tactics. Her Space is betting everything on her, so she’s the favorite to win.

Affiliation: Goggle Space

“I have no interest in being the top idol. But… I hate losing.”

Higitsune A fox spirit said to have been wandering since ancient Net Space. Her elusive nature is such, that given the chance to vanish before you, she will reappear in the exact same location.

She acts haughty, but her skills and reputation are second to none.

Although she’s next in line to be the ideal candidate for the championship due to her composure and exceptional prowess, she doesn’t yearn for victory. Instead, she delights in seeing the youth give it their all.

Affiliation: Mosaic Space

“You say you do not know me? My word, it seems some education is in order.”

Sarifa Sarifa is an eloquent and fashionable person that dislikes rooms with windows. Numerous people have seen her indulging in apples. She prides herself on her trendy fashion sense which she uses as her selling point, but she utterly rejects those who clash with her style.

She makes a point of never displaying her bad side, which she upholds, come rain or shine. Although she’s the most composed and pragmatic of the idols, she has a habit of employing all-or-nothing gambles.

Affiliation: AI Space

“I won’t do something unrefined like achieve victory through great effort. Instead, I will attain it in a smart fashion. Right, in a way best suited to my nature.”


Born in the country of the rising sun, she dons an old-fashioned look and has the Galapagos-style trait of referring to herself as ‘Boku.’She is worried that her Japanese-style appeal is overlapping with Higitsune.

She wants to shed her minor character persona, so she exudes an almost cunningly cute aura. However, she lacks many opportunities to attract attention, so she never gets the chance to bare her fangs.

Her dream is to become an adored star during this concert.

Affiliation: Luna Space

“Don’t say that! What I’m wearing is authentic Japanese clothing.”

You can pre-order Space Live – Advent of the Net Idols on MangaGamer for $8.95, saving a dollar off the full price. The game will be out on September 29th, 2017. After that, it will also be available on Steam.

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