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Japanese Netizens Pick Their Favorite Oppai Characters

goo, a Japanese search engine, and website has created a ranking in which its users choose the most impressive and memorable big-breasted anime characters.

Gigantic breast sizes are no less iconic of anime than big eyes. It is pretty common of fans to try figuring out the actual cups and sometimes such data is provided directly by the character designers. Japanese web search service goo decided to attempt to find out the most popular of the giant-breasted characters.

In its favorite oppai ranking, the service allowed people to vote on the ones they found the most memorable and impactful. The whole ranking goes on to list 40 places and can be seen here. Below, you can see the ten most popular oppai girls in fiction, according to Japanese net dwellers:

Ryoka Narusawa lands in at tenth place in the ranking. She’s the co-protagonist of Occultic;Nine, a light novel urban fantasy series about a group of youngsters that get involved with cases of murder and other, more sinister and supernatural events.

Ryoka is a bubbly and energetic comedy relief. Her chest size is disproportional not only in comparison to real life standards, but also her own height of barely 153cm. She’s a creation of Chiyomaru Shikura, who also wrote the very acclaimed visual novel Steins;Gate. She was illustrated by Pako, who works as the Occultic;Nine illustrator.

Ninth place was taken by Quetzalcoatl. This lady, named after a Mayan god of wind and learning, is an ex-goddess in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Going by Lucoa in the series to lessen the stress on the series’ fans and viewers, she lost her position of a goddess by drinking a cursed liquor and getting into an affair as a result.

There’s no official data on Lucoa’s sizes, but the image should speak for itself. When it comes to the series, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is a slice of life fantasy comedy about an office lady that lives together with a young, anthropomorphic dragon maid. It’s been well-acclaimed and has brought to life a number of memes.

The most characteristic oppai known in Naruto, Tsunade, has earned 8th place in the ranking. She’s a medical ninja and a sannin who takes the role of Konohgakure’s leader known as a Hokage later on in the series.

At one point in the story another sannin, Jiraiya, actually reveals her breast size stating that her oppai is 106 centimeters in circumference. This is a huge accomplishment, as the character has been known in her youth to be flat chested.

Next on the list is Nico Robin, a historian and possibly the last remaining person of her clan. Being one of the protagonists in the world’s most critically acclaimed manga, One Piece, she strives to discover secrets behind the forgotten 100 years of history known as the void century.

There’s no concrete information on Nico Robin’s breast size, though they have had a notable growth through the series, even if not at One Piece’s record pace, to which we will come back to later. Some fans assign this change to the work of the series cook, Sanji, known for his love of women and the ability to create body-improving food post time-skip.

Meiko from Prison School sits at the sixth place in the ranking. She’s one of the supporting characters in the series, being the vice-president of the school’s vigilante organization known as the Underground Student Council. She’s also used as the series mascot character and a known masochist, always armed with a horsewhip.

Prison School is a harem comedy series that knows no bounds, telling the story of five boys admitted to an ex women-only school that does its best to be a woman’s paradise. The hopeful boys are quickly met wit a harsh reality: girls in the school outnumber them 200 to 1, and they don’t share much respect for them, quickly throwing them into the school’s prison block the moment they get the chance.

At fifth place is Reiko Katherine Akimoto from Kochi Kame — Tokyo Beat Cops. She’s a bright and helpful character working as a patrol officer. Thanks to her strict parents, she boasts not only amazing looks but also plenty of skills in anything, from arts to sports. Unfortunately, to the dismay of many a man, she has no interest in dating. In one of the series’ main running gags, many characters regularly try to impress her to no avail.

Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo, also known as simply Kochikame, is a classic manga from 1976, first published in Shonen Jump. Its volumes have been released from 1977 all the way to 2016, amounting to the total of 200. It tells of the misadventures happening at the police station in front of one of the Tokyo’s parks. It’s mainly a gag-driven series, with its main character often coming up with ultimately unsuccessful schemes for getting rich fast.

Fourth place falls to Rangiku Matsumoto. This sleazy, irresponsible and lazy adult works as lieutenant of the 10th Division of Gotei 13, a group of shinigami hunting hollowed spirits. She serves as the right hand to a much younger and more ambitious Toshiro Hitsugaya. As with many other side characters in Bleach, the duo is known for often getting the short end of the stick through the story.

Wielding a JJ cup, Rangiku seems to be the most oppai character in the series. She’s also one of the taller characters on the list at 173 cm, which makes her appear somewhat natural on the manga’s pages.

Third place shows another character from the One Piece series: Boa Hancock, the pirate princess of a secret Amazonian women’s tribe. Her unique role in the narrative has her gawking at the main protagonist, Luffy, who’s much too unaware to notice or understand her affections.

In her dedication, she does much to help Luffy in his quest, providing everything from food to battle assistance with her power to turn people to stone whenever they’re charmed by her. She’s also the most beautiful person in the world of One Piece, a status she’s not shy to abuse.

Fujiko Mine landed on the second place slot. She’s one of the main supporting characters in the Lupin the third franchise. She’s a very capable thief and con artist. Her sly strategies often allow her to snatch some of the protagonist’s loot, if not all. Even though she’s a common partner to Lupin, she no less often aids his enemies, double-crossing people with no second thoughts.

According to the movie Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, which was the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki’s first directed film, Fujiko Mine is an ex-lover of Lupin. The series as a whole tells of Lupin the Third’s misadventures in thievery, with the main protagonist being a sleazy and quirky gentleman based on Maurice Leblanc’s character of a thief detective, Arsène Lupin.

According to the Japanese netizens the biggest, most impressive and memorable oppai is Nami from One Piece. Given that it’s the third character from One Piece in the ranking, with all of them being in the top ten, it could mean that it’s the most oppai manga out there or at least the manga with the best oppai.

Nami has been one of the first supporting characters introduced in One Piece. She’s a playful, thieving woman with a rather harsh past. At the beginning of the series she doesn’t have much to boast, but grows significantly post time-skip, and possibly slightly more as chapters go on. Given that One Piece has been coming out weekly since 1997 and only just approaching its mid-point according to the author, we might see Nami break the laws of physics even more as time goes on.

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