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Sol Press has released a promotional demo version of their upcoming English localization of eroge visual novel Sakura Sakura.

English eroge publisher and localizer Sol Press has posted the first gameplay demo for their Kickstarter localization project of Haikuo Soft’s eroge visual novel, Sakura Sakura. The Kickstarter was first announced almost a month ago on August 15th.

To learn more about the Sakura Sakura Kickstarter and the game itself, be sure to read our previous article . The demo of the game can be downloaded by following this link. As of this article’s writing, the Sakura Sakura funding campaign has 4 days left to reach the goal of $24,000, with over $17,000 having been already donated.

Earlier, we contacted Sol Press directly to inquire about the 18+ version of the game not directly referenced on the Kickstarter page. The publisher’s representative has stated that the original 18+ PC release version of the title is getting localized and all the erotic scenes will be made available via a free patch when it finally releases. Additionally, we have been informed that all of the game’s sex scenes will contain mosaic censorship.

Be sure to check out the actual Kickstarter page to find out more about reward tiers for backers and further details on the Sakura Sakura localization project.

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