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MangaGamer Announces Release of the Dharker Studios' Galaxy Girls

MangaGamer announced that Dharker Studios’ new VN adventure game, Galaxy Girls, will be released on September 16th. The store offers a special pre-order deal on the deluxe edition.

In Galaxy Girls, you, as the protagonist, wake up onboard a spaceship together with two other unknown girls. You’re given a mission as a team, with your goal being to ultimately save the world and earn your right to come back to your daily life. Everyone on the ship is assigned a job, and yours becomes that of a captain.

The game has been announced as a yuri visual novel featuring sexy content, a cute and well-written story-line, multiple routes and endings, as well as high-quality art in 1080p. The game will feature a cast of four main girls, with one of them, Erica, being controllable by the player during key moments.

Erica is the captain of the starship, responsible for ensuring the team’s success. She doesn’t find the abduction as too much of an issue and does her best to keep the crew in-line and its morale up.

Kotoha will be taking on the role of the team’s engineer. She’s a strangely upbeat woman that tries to always stay positive and find a silver lining to everything, even now when she finds herself put to a grave task against her will.

Sara is the team’s doctor. She’s a no-nonsense woman and finds it the most difficult to adapt to the life onboard the ship.

Emilia isn’t one of the team’s original members, but rather an unpredictable stowaway looking for a safe place.

MangaGamer offers a special $5 off pre-order deal on Galaxy Girls Deluxe Edition, which, aside from the game itself, includes special day-one goodies, such as wallpapers, dakimakuras, and the game’s soundtrack. Additionally, the Deluxe Edition contains the season pass, which features five extra story DLC’s that will be released throughout the year.

Dharker Studios’ Galaxy Girls will be available on Windows XP and newer Microsoft operating systems, as well as on Mac OSX and Linux. The release date is set for September 16th, 2017. You can grab it on MangaGamer for $29.99 after release or for a discounted price of $25.49 prior to release. You can also get the game on Nutaku for $25 or 2500 gold. A most likely censored version of the game will be available on Steam after release at an as of yet undisclosed price.

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