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After a failed Kickstarter campaign, Lupiesoft’s project to remaster The Stargazers visual novel is put on hold for the foreseeable future.

The Stargazers is a visual novel by Lupiesoft that features space exploration, yuri action and a unique dieselpunk sci-fi aesthetic. Back in the day, some critiques of the game included that of its story department being lackluster . The studio responsible for the game wanted to fix this issue in a new, remastered version. For that very reason, they opened a Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter aimed to gather a total of $25,000 but reached only $6,548. The studio has released a statement discussing the future of the project, as well as commenting on the Kickstarter’s failure. Lupiesoft has admitted that the Kickstarter itself was somewhat poorly designed and postponing extra information for later didn’t bring the desired effects.

Ultimately, Lupiesoft attributes the campaign’s failure to poor timing. Natural disasters occurring in the US meant that people would rather donate their money to victims of hurricane Harvey, rather than a rewriting of a lewd lesbian novel. Even Lupiesoft themselves urged people to do so on their Twitter page.

For now, Lupiesoft will focus on DLC for their other games. The studio plans to stay on the market and create many more games in the future. They will re-approach Stargazers: Remastered! once it becomes a more affordable endeavor.

The statement can be read on their Kickstarter page, and goes as follows:

We’d like to talk today about where we are at, and what our plans are for The Stargazers moving forward. The Stargazers kickstarter started off weak with a perfect storm of unfortunate timings, and never recovered.

A lot of backers have given great feedback on ways to improve the front page for read-ability and understanding. One of the things we planned to do at the halfway mark was go in depth on the Add-ons section, the thinking was that towards the middle of the Kickstarter you’ll see the largest stagnation in pledges, and this would give backers some interesting art and info on those add-ons to raise their pledges.

The Stargazers is a project that has dealt with a lot of issues starting with its initial release, and this Kickstarter was meant to be a fresh start. There is a whole lot of cool information about the project we can no longer share. The real deciding factor is looking at the data both internally and on Kicktraq and seeing the trend line fall from 93% to 50% to realize there is no chance the project will get the funding it needs.

So we are going to be canceling The Stargazers Kickstarter temporarily. We have other projects, worked on by other team members in Lupiesoft, and we will be focusing more on DLC and bonus content for released games and in the future we will re-approach The Stargazers again, and hopefully our fanbase will have grown since then.

I encourage everyone reading this, if you liked this project, or Lupiesoft’s games in general, please follow us on Twitter, you can continue to support us on Patreon, we will still be making games now, and for years to come. Some of you may only know us because of The Stargazers, but we have more projects released, and coming soon that you will be interested in as well.

We will be finishing out the week, and during this weekend we will officially cancel the Kickstarter and put The Stargazers on a temporary hiatus until we can afford to approach it again. The next couple of days I will be answering any questions you may have, thanks everyone for the interest you’ve shown in our games so far!

If you want to support Lupiesoft, you can do so on their Patreon . The original version of Stargazers can be bought on for $15.95

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