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Hyper Universe To Be Censored in Korea

The CEO of studio CWAVESOFT responsible for Nexon’s new entry into the MOBA genre, Hyper Universe, has issued an official statement on the censored art.

Previously, we spoke of Hyper Universe, a side-scrolling MOBA from Nexon with a lot of lewd (or at least formerly lewd) characters. The game was met with slight criticism due to the clothing choices and breast sizes present within, only to be met with much more major criticism after side art was changed.

A new official statement was issued by the game’s developer, Eundo Chae, the CEO of studio CWAVESOFT. In his letter, Eundo apologizes for the early access version of the game being inconsistent to the Korean version and promises that the censored art will be applied to the Korean client after the end of the current ranked season. He explains that people found the game inaccessible and opted not to try it whatsoever due to the obscene art direction, thus their decision for the changes. The currently available version of the game is supposed to help them find issues such as these and address them.

The letter can be read in English on the game’s official site. It goes as follows:

Hello, this is Eundo Chae, CEO of CWAVESOFT, the developer of Hyper Universe.

I am very happy, and slightly nervous, to introduce myself to players in writing for the first time.

First of all, my team and I sincerely appreciate everyone who has been taking an interest in and enjoying Hyper Universe. We’ve worked diligently for the past four years to create an innovative, fun, deep, and enjoyable side-scrolling action MOBA.

We view Early Access as a vital step to make improvements before the game’s official launch, based on the valuable feedback of players experiencing Hyper Universe for the first time. We take your opinions seriously and strive to use your feedback to fine-tune Hyper Universe into a better game. We ask for your continued feedback.

While looking over your current feedback, we saw some debate on the subject of censorship and thought that providing our official stance as the developer would be the fastest and best way to communicate the circumstances of the situation to you, the players.

After we launched in Korea, we fiercely considered every aspect of the game—gameplay, accessibility, visibility, balance, stress factors, technical issues, etc.—to determine if we were lacking in any area based on feedback from players. This process was done through CWAVE’s internal discussions among various teams—Planning, Art, Programming, etc. The result is the current version of the build that you see.

Based on our internal review, we deemed that some of the artwork that is currently causing so much discussion was creating a hurdle for certain players, who find that type of artwork uncomfortable, stopping them from playing Hyper Universe for the first time. In other words, the art in question was harming the game’s accessibility. We decided in the middle of preparing for Early Access to change the direction of that art; the changes would also be applied to the Korean version of the game in a patch at the end of the current season, on 9/14, before the new season began. We are deeply sorry that we could not keep the content consistent, due to difficulties in managing the revisions for both the Early Access and Korean versions; we will work harder to keep the content consistent across regions in the future.

Hyper Universe is CWAVE’s pride, and the result of much thought and effort; we believe that many people will really enjoy playing the game, just like we do. Based on this belief, it has always been our goal to make the game as accessible as possible to anyone who loves action, side-scrolling, or MOBA games on any platform, so that they can enjoy our unique gameplay and also have fun watching other people play. To achieve this goal, we ask for your continued support, both by pointing out the parts of the game you really enjoy and by letting us know of any areas where you encounter inconveniences or see issues.

With our mission and pride as a professional game developer, we will do our very best to provide joy, fun, innovation, and excitement.


Eundo Chae

South Korea is one of the more sexually repressed countries in the world. Pornography is illegal there and often blamed for corrupting people and inciting them into committing sexual crimes. Last year in May, we’ve written about players being arrested for playing Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-. Perhaps this change in mindset is not that unlikely for a Korean developer.

If you’re interested in testing the game yourself, you can buy this privilege on steam for $15.99.

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