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Horror Action Eroge Infectious Mansion 2 Released on DLsite in English

Japanese eroge developer Black stain’s newest erotic action and horror game Infectious Mansion 2 has been released in English on DLsite.

Predominantly known for his erotic action horror games like Hospital of the Dead and Toy and House, indie developer Black stain has released a sequel to one of his first published games, titled Infectious Mansion. In a similar fashion to the first game in the series, Infectious Mansion 2 is a 2D action and exploration game with minor puzzles elements. Horror and gore elements have become a staple of Black stain’s works, and it’s no different for the Infectious Mansion sequel. While controlling two female protagonists, one armed with the shotgun and the other with a combat knife, the player will battle their way through a mansion full of infected monstrosities.

Sexual content in Infectious Mansion 2 is triggered when either of the girls’ endurance reaches zero. The various sex scenes are all animated and can be later viewed in a gallery accessed via the game’s main menu.

Be sure to read the game’s story synopsis and take a look at a few screenshots from the trial version below.

It was only supposed to be a test of courage, Yuki entered the old estate with
not a worry in the world and… then the hideous creatures began their assault.

Due to a mysterious contagion, Saika’s father has been transformed into a
monstrosity and in order to determine the root of this pandemic, with weapons
in hand she sets foot into the infectious cesspool of gore…

Deep within despair, thus does the madness of two girls cross paths…

You can now purchase the English PC version of Infectious Mansion 2 on the English version of DLsite for $12.85. A short demo is also available for those that want to check out the game before buying.

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