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Winged Cloud and HuniePot have partnered with Humble Bundle to help support Action Against Hunger with the Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle.

We’ve got a another bundle of games that just might suit your fancy. Today, Humble Bundle has announced the Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle. Winged Cloud and HuniePot have partnered with Humble Bundle to package 15 games up in support of charity. The charity that will benefit from this bundle is Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization that helps in the fight against world hunger.

Depending on what level you select, the Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle includes pretty much the entire Sakura series, as well as both games from HuniePot. As always, there are three tiers of this bundle: Pay a minimum ($1), Pay more than the average (currently $6.74), and the top tier Pay $10 or more. In addition to the games, you also get the HunieCam Studios and HuniePop OSTs as add-ons, as well as a 10% off coupon for the Humble Monthly Bundle. Below are the games you will receive in the selected tiers:

The Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle began today and will continue for two weeks. Over 30,000 bundles have already been sold, so head over to Humble Bundle if you’d like to pick up one for yourself. We have reviewed a few of the games in this bundle, so feel free to check them out as well:

Sakura Nova – 2.5/5

Sakura Dungeon – 4/5

Sakura Santa – 2/5

Sakura Angels – 1/5

HunieCam Studio – 2.5/5

HuniePop – 3.5/5

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