Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Eroge circle Happy Life and Remtairy, their official translator and developer, have released a demo for their upcoming kogal princess erotic RPG, Meltys Quest: Princess Awakening.

Having lost her kingdom and family, the spoiled princess Meltys decides to gradually change her ways, rescue her kidnapped, well-endowed siblings from peril and take back her kingdom. From this point on, it’s up to the player if they want to play Meltys Quest as a more traditional turn-based RPG adventure by fighting their way through hoards of fantasy creatures or use her body, willingly or otherwise, to soothe the horny monsters.

While Meltys Quest is a game predominantly catering to those in need of a quick and pleasant release, the developer prepared two game difficulty modes to attract a more varied player base. The Kogal Mode (normal difficulty) will provide a stress-free and, more importantly, a hands-free experience for those that just want to explore the world and see what sexy hijinks Meltys will get into. The second mode, called the Princess Mode (hard difficulty), will provide a more difficult experience for players that want to experience more challenging battles in the game’s many dungeons. The title will also have a New Game Plus, which allows the player to all of their acquired levels and items while resetting Meltys’ slut level to zero.

Speaking of slut level, whenever Meltys has sex her Slut Level goes up unlocking new, more hardcore sex scenes. As the princess’ morals slowly fade into the background she will become more sexually liberal, which will be reflected in game’s narration as well as art.  Meltys Quest: Princess Awakening will contain a tremendous amount of sexual fetishes not limited to rape, light netorare featuring Meltys’ sisters and even pregnant sex. Be sure to check out this article’s tag section for the full list. The full release of the game will feature over 50 unique CGs, not counting avatar CGs and over 40 different sex scenes.

Check out a few sample screenshots from the demo of Meltys Quest: Princess Awakening below as well as a short description of the game’s story.

The protagonist, Meltys, is a non virgin, single princess who fools around all day every day. She stays outside of the castle all night and takes naps in her room in the middle of the day.

That was the setting of Meltys’s peaceful life in the Kingdom of Rothstein. However one day, it was suddenly invaded by Monsters!

Those Monsters were from the Underground Empire of Grolido. They destroyed Castle Rothstein and wiped out all their troops. Even all of Meltys’s big titty older sisters were captured……

“Well, I’ll like somehow fix everything!”

Despite being outmatched in a dangerous situation, Meltys sets out on her quest with her typical upbeat demeanor.

This is the story of the beginning of a light hearted adventure that quickly turns into a very erotic story……

The free English demo of Meltys Quest: Princess Awakening can be downloaded on DLsite. You can expect the full version to come out sometime in late October of this year. The save files from the demo version of the game will be transferable to the full retail version when it releases.

If you would like to support Remtairy in creating more translations of Japanese eroge, you can donate to his Patreon by following this link. Remtairy provides regular updates on his translation progress, so be sure to check in frequently to see what he’s accomplished and what he still has in store.

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