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Independent developer Pervy Fantasy Productions has released the first full episode of their mind control and corruption eroge, Tales of Ameria.

Pervy Fantasy Productions’ newest RPG eroge aims to explore the depths of corruption and mind control showing an ever-changing world. Tales of Ameria’s protagonist, Julia, is an acting member of the  “Agency of Supernatural Phenomena,” investigating a peculiar hospital that seems to have been taken over by an evil entity. Witnessing both the staff and patients succumb to malicious influence, Julia does her best to uncover its source while trying to resist the same damning corruption. Will Julia fall to the nefarious force and become a mind controlled slave, or will she persist and save everyone in the hospital? That’s where the player steps in.

Apart from RPG gameplay, Tales of Ameria features a gameplay mechanic in which the world around the player character changes depending on their level of brainwashing. Combat sequences will show the heroine’s corruption and a TP system that will enslave your character are also present. Of course, the game also employs sexual means to show off how far the characters have fallen from grace. The first episode includes such adult themes as F/M and F/F sexual interactions, mind control, corruption, futanari, BDSM, and others.

Be sure to check out a couple of screenshots from the first full episode release below.

Julia is only one of the three planned heroines for the game. Pervy Fantasy Productions intends to add two more characters in later arcs of the game. As development of the title continues, the creators plan to add more fetish material to the game, such as body transformation, tentacles and more.

You can now download the first episode of Tales of Ameria for the PC completely free of charge here . If you wish to know more about other games Pervy Fantasy Productions has developed or is developing be sure to follow their official blog as well as their Patreon account.

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