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In Let Me Out, a game by BBBen, players take the role of a princess trying to talk her way past an orc captor by typing in custom answers.

Suppose you’re locked in some kind of strange dungeon. You can’t dig your way out. You can’t pick the lock. No one is coming to rescue you. In that situation, wouldn’t you try to escape by convincing the guards to open your cell? That’s the premise of Let Me Out, a game by BBBen, which features a beautiful princess locked in a cell with the only chance of escape coming from the possibility that she can talk her way out — or fuck her way out after talking her way out. Because, you know, hentai.

The game is played by typing in phrases, with a specific number of them being tied to game events. Hundreds of different phrases and sentence combinations have programmed responses. Depending on what the player says, a number of possible events can happen. Along the way, you can build up love and trust in the orc guarding you, in an attempt to persuade him, one way or another, that you shouldn’t be a captive anymore.

The most recent public release of Let Me Out (V.0.3.1) includes six different endings, several H-scenes including a stripping scene and a handjob scene, and a variety of secret content hidden into the engine. Sexual content takes the form of CGs made using a 3D modeling program, albeit one that has a more cartoonish design than many other games us.

The developer, BBBen, has previously worked on several games, including his Pervert Action series, and a prequel to this game entitled Let Me In. That game, which LewdGamer has covered previously, follows an orc trying to talk his way into a locked tower containing a horny princess. A literal opposite to the escape centered story of Let Me Out.

BBBen has not said exactly how long he plans to make Let Me Out, however, his Patreon makes clear that the project is designed to be rather short. The length may expand as time goes on, as the developer accepts new phrase combinations from players, and adds them in.

The latest public release of Let Me Out can be downloaded from the developer’s Patreon page. That is also where one can donate to the developer and get the most recent private version.

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