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Love-joint has just released Play With Us! Episode 2. Experience a tale of incest and bullying in this free title.

Ever wonder what it was like to be stuck in a love triangle between your sister, childhood friend, and some girl you just met? Well, Love-joint has just released Play With Us! Episode 2, and it will allow you to experience just that. Now that the game has been released to the public for free, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a try.

Play With Us! was inspired by Hizashi no Naka no Riaru. It combines elements from visual novels and dating sims, then mixes them with games that have interactive sex. The player’s choices will have a major impact on the story and greatly affect the which ending is received — of which there are several.

Play With Us! Episode 2 can be fully enjoyed without having played the first episode, as the story is meant to be an “intermission” or side story to the main plot that began in the first episode. The plot for this episode focuses on the main character getting back at his sister for torturing him. The player will need to choose how much he wants to be a dick to her, and whether or not that will lead to her personality softening, or if he completely burns the bridge between his sibling and himself.

While the interactive sex scenes allow you to control the action or fuck stealthily, there are other interactive elements as well. There are various mini-games in which the player must solve a minor puzzle or snap some lewd photos of his sister. This, combined with the narrative branches, offer some genuine replay value.

You can find Play With Us! Episode 2 on Newgrounds , or download a copy from Palmer’s Patreon page. A walkthrough has also been released for $10 patrons. More information about Love-joint’s games can be found on their Patreon or their developer blog.

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