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Oppai Games is Making Quickie, An Anthology That Doesn't Linger

Oppai Games has released Quickie: Satomi, a short visual novel meant to kick-start a broader anthology of short VNs released monthly, named Quickie.

While many Patreon based games choose to release large projects over the course of a number of months piecemeal or drop one large project every so often, the Oppai Games team has a different idea in mind. They have announced that they are making a visual novel anthology series entitled Quickie. The name comes from the length of the projects, specifically short enough that they can be completed in the period of an hour easily.

Thus far, they have released one project for the anthology, which is entitled Quickie: Satomi. This short sees the player seduce a library assistant who is as busty as she is shy. Player input is limited mostly to a series of conversation choices, which could cause players to succeed or fail. Some women are less than receptive of being told that your area of study is “that ass”.  Players who want to give it a try can find the link to Oppai Games’ Newgrounds account below.

Quickie: Satomi features multiple backgrounds, animated character portraits for the heroine, and one animated h-scene.

Originally, the original public release of the game was not the “premium” version; the developers went back and added erotic content into the current version of the game. The developers have also promised that subsequent Quickie titles will feature erotic content in the free release, while some bonus h-materials will be saved exclusively for Patreon backers. The Oppai Games team have promised that future Quickie titles will arrive every four to five weeks. At the time of  this writing, they have not released any details about projects they are working on after Satomi.

Oppai Games have plans to release new short visual novels in the Quickie anthology every month. Versions of their games can be found online over at Newgrounds . If you want to follow updates on their development, you can check out their Twitter . If you want access to the premium versions of their games, you can donate to them on their Patreon.

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