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Award-winning eroge visual novel Wonderful Everyday sees English release on Steam, published by Frontwing USA.

Wonderful Everyday is a very successful visual novel developed by KeroQ. In 2010 the game won the Best Story award on Moe Game Awards, whilst earning bronze in the overall category. It also had strong standings on Getchu.com rankings, attaining second place for its scenario and music, as well as third place for its graphics.

The game is divided into seven chapters, all named after the classic Lewis Carroll duology of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The story takes place in the fictional neighborhood of Suginomiya in Tokyo. Main themes of the novel are concerned with the concepts of: “the sky and the world,” “the beginning and the end,” “literature and science,” “savior and hero,” as well as “brother and sister.”

Wonderful Everyday‘s storyline takes place throughout all of July 2012. Various chapters of the game tell the story from different perspectives. From the cast of nine major characters, five take the lead role. Among them are:

  • – Yuki Mikami, a self-proclaimed antisocial who actually gets along with other girls very well.
  • – Takuji Mamiya, a timid boy and a stammering otaku who spends most of his time in a self-made hideout.
  • – Zakuro Takashima, a shy and often bullied girl.
  • – Tomosane Yuki, the strongest boy in school. Feared by many, especially Takuji whom he bullies. He’s also a pianist, often playing at a transvestite bar.
  • – Hasaki Mamiya, Takuji’s sister, who works in the kitchen of the same bar that Tomosane plays at.

First chapter of the story “Down the Rabbit-hole” is a murder-mystery centered around a string of deaths, the 2012 end of the world prophecy, an urban myth about collective unconsciousness, and what is called “the last sky.” The Steam page of the game reads as follows:

Story: “Down the Rabbit-Hole” – a story of the sky and the world.

One day, Minakami Yuki witnesses a stuffed toy falling through the air. Battered and worn, how many times has this doll fluttered downwards, released as an attempted offering to the sky? An offering to the sky – a way to find the “day we return to the sky”; a ritual passed down in this town since times gone by. Those efforts shall come to fruition in the place where the girls of earth and sky meet.

Vega and Altair, Orihime and Hikoboshi, two points of light separated by the vast Milky Way. Together with Deneb, crown of the Northern Cross, they make up the Summer Triangle. Evoking the concept of the Trinity, this formation is also known as the “heavenly triangle”. When this heavenly triangle shines overhead, the world and the sky will meet.

Takashima Zakuro, Wakatsuki Kagami, and Wakatsuki Tsukasa, and our heroine Minakami Yuki set off on the search of that place where the points of the divine triangle cross, where world and sky join together.

The Steam version of Wonderful Everyday: Down the Rabbit-Hole has been severely cut in order to appease law regulations around the globe. Wonderful Everyday: Down the Rabbit-Hole contains only the first chapter of the game, with one particular CG being censored due to bestiality. An uncensored version of the CG as well as the remaining five chapters are available in the “full content patch” that can be downloaded here.

Due to the game’s controversial contents, mainly within its sexual fetishes, some fans are warning against installing the patch. Rimuru Tempest, a user of the Steam forums warns in their topic on the subject:

What to expect:

- Lots of disturbing material – This is not for the faint of heart. If you think the chomp scene in a certain VN was disturbing, well it’s gonna be a lot worse and lot more of it in subahibi. I recommend some eye-bleech like moege/charage or that moe anime you’ve been putting off to read/watch during 2 of the chapters (you will know when you get there).

The PC version of Wonderful Everyday: Down the Rabbit-Hole can be bought on Steam for $29.99, and is currently 20% off, reducing the price to $23.99 until September 6th, 2017.

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