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Nutaku Opens Pre-Registrations for Two New Games

Say hello to Booty Calls and Throne of Legends

Nutaku opens pre-registrations with benefits for Booty Calls and Throne of Legends.

Pre-registration for Booty Calls and Throne of Legends opens on Nutaku — along with pre-registration benefits for both games. Booty Calls is a dating sim where you can have sex with girls at Naughty Beach. Get close to them by performing quests for them and learning their likes and dislikes. Improve your skills and build their stats to make them want you even more. Throne of Legends is a strategic card game. Charge into battle with your deck at the ready and seize the throne as you cast spells and summon creatures.

Booty Calls

Developed by the talented gaming studio SuperHippo, Booty Calls takes players to the infamous Naughty Beach. With the local dive, the Juicy Bar, serving as home base, players will encounter a series of sexy girls all ready for you to show them the time of their lives. Players discover each of the girls’ like and dislikes from dating spots to G-Spots, using this information to seduce and win their hearts. The more players learn, the more the girls lust. Get ready to sharpen your flirting skills, practice your pickup lines, and become king of the Booty Calls!

Pre-registration benefits: Gamers will receive in-game currency including 500 cash, 50 diamonds, 3 magic diamonds, 3 viagra, and 3 red roses!

Throne of Legends

Throne of Legends, created by an independent gaming developers, is a strategically sexy and fast-paced card game that allows players to utilize an enchanted deck to do their bidding. The twist? Each hand brings you closer (or farther) from the throne. Cast cards to create powerful spells, summon fearsome creatures, and lead sexy warriors into battle. With a wide and vibrant range of sex scenes to unlock, each play can bring pain or pleasure. So prepare your decks and get ready to play like never before.

Pre-registration benefits: Collect the super rare card, Sublime Justice, for your deck!

You can pre-register for Booty Calls and Throne of Legends on Nutaku.

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