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Independent developer MagicHouse has released their otome RPG Maker title Les Fleursword on the Steam gaming platform.

Publisher Sakuragame has released MagicHouse’s adult otome game Les Fleursword on Steam. Like many of Sakuragame’s other titles  upon release, the extent of the censorship done to the title to meet Steam’s standards is unknown at this time. However, a Steam user has posted a restoration patch in the game’s reviews section, which will add back in the title’s original 18+ content as it was in the Japanese release.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a synopsis, character profiles, and sample CGs and screenshots from the title:

Long time ago, there were magicians living in this country As legend goes, magicians are living myths in Voldgeria Adelaide, a female knight, was on patrol duty one day, When a magician casted some sort of death magic on her. Due to their feud, the magician attacked her with whatever he had…

Mouse is all you need to play The game experience will be better if pics can run in OpenGL

…Main Character… Adelaide Devondell Captain of Knighthood of Voldgeria Welcomed by all from man o arms to citizens because of her leader charisma Always hard on herself, wishing she was born a boy

…Admirer No.1… Phil Allohi Knight of Knighthood of Vorlgeria Loves Cap Adelaide with all his heart and do as her bid Looks young and always gets picked on by his fellow knight Self-acknowledged, so that barely believe in himself

…Admirer No.2… Yuphia Rangelton Have been friends with Adelaide since childhood Knight of Knighthood of Voldgeria With royal blood of knighthood in his vein just like Adelaide Often tries to pick a fight with Adelaide because he wants to beat her Which he never did

…Admirer No.3… Marlowe Magician Bare great hatred to the Knighthood of Voldgeria Impeccable skill in any aspect as a magician Flawed personality: ego-inflated and sloppy

…Minor Character… Atoris Devondell Former Leader of Knighthood of Voldgeria Fought great enemies and won, hero of the country and father of the main character Serious man, held nothing back even for her daughter

You can purchase Les Fleursword on Steam  for $1.99, and is 40% off until August 30th reducing the price to $1.19. While there is no official 18+ restoration patch available by MagicHouse or Sakuragame, Steam user Quinton has posted a restoration patch on the title’s Steam page, with instructions on how to insert the content back into the game. Les Fleursword is available in both English and Chinese.

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